“I always take something meaningful away from Michael’s lectures/workshops, etc. But I wanted to highlight one from last Thursday which really helped me. I recently made a big decision to begin taking prescription meds for my Anxiety and ADHD, which have both proved to be absolutely paralyzing in my life. It also caused deep self hatred and frustration for not being able to manage my thoughts, brain, and mood on my own. I’ve always been a naturally positive person, but it would just get so buried under psychology. Thus, the long awaited decision to stop trying to handle it myself and feeling miserable, to sucking it up and taking the pill. Then, in one of Michael’s talks, he spoke about ‘giving to Cesar what is Cesar’s, and ‘giving to God what is God’s. Michael said that if we have a headache, we can take a pill, but there’s more going on under it. Well, it clicked-in just the right way when he said that. I now have an immense weight lifted and feel 1000% more like my natural vibrant self again (but will still take my prescription). Now I have so MUCH MORE I can give to God! I have so MUCH MORE I can offer the world, and I am able to be that beautiful contribution to the world I believe I am meant to be. I always knew I have a lot to offer the world, but my head got in my way constantly, and took away from me being able to offer much of anything. The way Michael spoke about this seemed to give me the permission to take that pill without faulting myself. And to be grateful now that I have so much more to give to God.!!! And to know there are other things I can work on that are underlying those symptoms, but having the willpower and concentration now to carry out working on them. Many, many blessings.!!!”

–A, MA