“One of the most effective aspects of this workshop is how well Michael combines various learning tools. Lecture material is preceded by yoga, spiritual meditation is followed by camaraderie and movies, intellectual interpretation of bible passages assignments were offset by breathwork. My heart, mind, body and soul were totally engaged in the process and made INTEGRATION so much easier. The information, new beliefs, etc. literally became a part of me, never again to be separate from me. What I like the best about the way Michael teaches is that he offers us the most esoteric, intuitive and imaginatively spiritual concepts imaginable as the what. But then he backs it up with the why and the how. Personally, I need all three to really understand, accept and live a concept, and Michael is one of the few teachers who has ever given me all three. There are no words to explain what the final ceremony was like for me. It’s the most intensely beautiful feeling I’ve ever experienced. Plain and simple. The most important thing I can say about Michael, as a teacher, is that I can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to run across someone with his gifts. It’s obvious that he’s been places few other have been. His energy doesn’t even look like other peoples. I now trust him as much as I’ve ever trusted anyone. I also really value the goofball aspect of his personality!”

–Marti, HI