Little books, compacted packets of essential wisdom often call to me at the checkout counter at my local bookstore. I’ll grab one to add to a gift or because the title will speak to appease a lingering emotional angst. Once in hand, the little book will hold me for all of fifteen minutes. Words, such as those in a compilation of famous quotes or Life’s Little Instruction Book, will offer but fleeting comfort and wisdom.

Michael Mirdad’s little book entitled You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up! is different. Yes, I was drawn in by the beautiful cover, the compact easily accessible quick read and the title that promised me at last the route out of the sometimes crazy state of my human condition. But once inside that little book I realized I had indeed come upon true wisdom. Michael Mirdad’s words carry more than your average message. These are words of light.

Encountering pain, adversity and loss are inevitable events throughout our human lives. In this little book, Michael Mirdad, a teacher of Christ consciousness and spirit-based health and healing, not only presents a succinct way through pain, but aids in enlightening us to its greater purpose. Whatever the nature of your trial or “dark night of the soul” Michael Mirdad’s outline for this process is written so clearly and with such heartfelt investment in our success that this is a book to hold on to. It’s like a compact first aid kit to revisit time and time again for those times when we are confronted with life’s adversities.

He outlines five stages that not only provide such relief but are the essential steps in the process of soul transformation. The five stages are 1) Dismantling 2) Emptiness 3) Disorientation 4) Re-building and 5) A New Life. Similar to the five stages of grieving Michael Mirdad’s explanation of these steps takes us one level deeper into cosmic reasons that illustrate the soul’s task of shedding ego and developing spirit.

Five steps. Sounds simple doesn’t it? We all know it’s not, but Michael Mirdad’s writing is so compelling and easy to understand that once we understand the process, we’ve made it halfway to that light at the end of the tunnel. For me personally, I’m no stranger to pain. Widowed with five children I’ve had my share of trials and I’m sure there will be many more to come. This little book is now like my little essential pocket guide.

FTC Statement: Michael Mirdad’s You’re Not Going Crazy… You’re Just Waking Up! was attained as a complimentary copy provided by the publisher.

L. Libro