Dr. Mirdad’s book has been absolutely essential in my counseling practice, for helping my client’s to understand the purpose of life’s tests. I have handed it to all age groups, spiritual backgrounds, and gender, and everyone seems to return with a comforting insight that they were not able to acquire on their own about the soul’s plan for growth and development. I am happy to finally find a teacher who explains what happens to us when our lives fall apart from a spiritual perspective that doesn’t make God the scapegoat for why death, unemployment, divorce, and disease occur. This is a must read book and should be in everyone’s library. If you like Michael’s book you should definitely check out Angela Sorenson’s autobiography, because she highlights Dr. Mirdad’s teachings and shares from a very vulnerable and honest perspective what it takes to truly heal your life. Oh…For the Love of God: A Tell All Story of a Woman’s Journey Toward Self-Discovery

Marie Henry