“Michael, Thank you so much for your focused attention at Saturday’s workshop and during my session last week. It is amazing to me how much a gentle touch on the shoulder has opened me up. There are so many ways I shut myself down over the past 24 years that I truly did not expect to feel much of anything for a long time. It is such a pleasant surprise to feel energy throughout my body along with sensuality, already. I didn’t know it (sensuality) was even still in there! Michael, I was so detached from my body that I usually didn’t even feel things, like stubbing a toe. I expect that there will be ups and downs throughout the healing process, but I’ve decided to focus my spiritual homework and on healing quickly. I am totally shifting my point of view on almost every aspect of my personal life. I’ve made an observation that often statements you make, that are not directly attached to the topic, have opened areas of contemplation I wouldn’t have gone to on my own (or maybe not till much later). I like it. Bravo! Your lesson pacing and quick responding to participants make for an enjoyable learning experience.”

–K, TX