This is truly a great, condensed, detailed book about the dark night of the soul. Michael explains with ease and clarity, exactly what we go through and why we go through this experience, multiple times in our lives. He breaks down what happens when we enter this period of time, as well as sharing from personal experience, what to do when we are in this dark place, where life seems to be falling apart all around us. He created a blueprint to help guide us through this time of what feels like death, to coming out of the dark tunnel toward the light, to experiencing a rebirth. He talks about this as being the time for us to get in touch with our soul at the deepest level, to learn the lessons that we came here to learn. He shares 10 things to do when we are in this dark place and 10 things not to do. He explains that although we have no control over ending this dark time, we can help change the experience of it, through having an awareness of what we are going through, by using prayer, healing and forgiveness, which helps to create shifts in our outer experience. He also shares how we can help others through this dark time.

In Part 2 of the book, he includes what we can do in our lives, as we come back into the light. He again creates a blueprint, to help move us back into a healthier life, centered in God, integrating our lessons and building ourselves back up, to then become Ministers of Light and Love in the world around us.

This is one of my favorite books written by Michael, as he took a dark, dense topic and shined the light and love of God on it and through it and because of that, it is so clearly written. This book will help all of us move through our own personal dark night of the soul journeys, with an awareness, as well as a blueprint to help ease some of the discomfort and a knowing that we too will give birth to a newer, healthier, God centered soul. What more could we ask for!

Theresa W.