I first want to comment on the aesthetics of the book. It is the perfect book size making it very comfortable to hold. The book cover is sturdy, made to last and to endure much use, and the edges are well bound. Font size and line spacing are perfect, making it not only easy but a pleasure to read.
Now, on to the content of the book – I have read through the first 4 principles and feel I can comfortably provide a review trusting the remainder of the book will not disappoint. I have been a Course in Miracles student for many years and currently facilitating a slow growing study group in Prescott Valley. As with other students of ACIM, there came a moment in my mind in which I realized that ACIM is a compilation of every book, every thought out there sharing the Truth of who we really are, the Oneness of our Being. However, as simple as the Truth is, understanding the layers upon layers of information provided through the Course can be very daunting. There are many books written to simplify the process of learning the Course in Miracles content. Most of these writings come from an analytical or intellectual point of view. While helpful to a certain degree, I was looking for more. The text of ACIM is essential in teaching us the principles; but, I believe that to truly understand what we are learning / have learned we have to experience these principles through their use in our lives. And they have to resonate in a way that facilitates daily practice. While the Lessons in ACIM are meant to help us experience the text, they don’t easily resonate with students, and often times daily practice becomes less diligent. When a person experiences the peace, the joy, the sense of oneness, the Christ in themselves extended to the Christ in others (the Holy Encounter / Instant .. the miracle in ACIM) if even for one moment in time, it creates a yearning in them to experience it more. And with that continued experience begins to come the understanding of all that the Course is. Michael’s book is written from the Heart space .. I believe the Soul purpose of this book is to empower us to experience the Course in just this way. And when we begin to master the primary principles he walks us through in his book, our experiences will allow us deeper understanding into the Course in Miracles. For those who expect this book to be another intellectual aside to A Course in Miracles, I do not believe this to be it’s intent. It is meant to touch our hearts, allow us to feel, to experience that return to Love (our right mindedness) to allow God’s miracles into our lives. Because the more love we feel, the more we open ourselves to receive, the more we extend to others, the greater and stronger our connection to each other and All That Is. And this book does this for me. It resonates within my heart. I believe it will do this for many. I am most thankful to Michael for being open and receptive to the inspiration he received allowing us this gift from the Heart of All That Is. I am most thankful to Spirit for the gift.