“The Seven Initiations” radiates an empowering, compassionate message explaining that the challenges we experience on earth are related to
seven major initiations everyone experiences. Dr. Michael Mirdad does a SPECTACULAR job explaining our spiritual evolution as human beings, while at the same time, relating each of life’s initiations to each of our seven chakras, known as “spiritual centers” in the yogic system. Most importantly, Dr. Mirdad creatively guides the reader through each initiation or “major challenge”—describing how it looks, feels, and the lessons we should expect from each. I loved it! It was easy to read and understand. By the end of the book, I was convinced that every human being could, indeed, experience Heaven on Earth—that peaceful state of being we all long for involving wholeness, Love, and inner freedom.

After reading the book, I immediately understood what initiation I was going through, personally, based upon the challenges and experiences in my life at that time. The book gave me something to look forward to and brought more lightness into my life, as I began recognizing that each challenge was part of an initiation—not a problem. An amazing, extraordinary book that can propel one forward on their spiritual path! I would recommend it to anyone.

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