“Michael Mirdad first came to my awareness during a talk show in the fall of 2014, my heart sensed right away that he was an authentic teacher. The information he shared that day inspired me to read A Course In Miracles, which in turn initiated a need and desire for deep inner healing. Since then I’ve read many of his books, I’ve listened to numerous talks and I’ve attended many of his workshops. They have all been invaluable to me and have taught me so much about myself. I have learned to set healthy boundaries and I have begun to recognize the Love that I am, I now have a connection with God and others and a peace within my heart that I had only ever dreamed of. He is a person of great integrity and humility, one who is deeply dedicated to the path of healing and leading others Home. He is a Master at challenging the ego and triggering the hell out of you, my ego tried to convince me to RUN several times over the past two years, but Spirit kept leading me back, which to me was only further proof of his authenticity. Thank You Michael Mirdad for being a pure and clear channel for God, thank you for being courageous enough to deliver the messages you knew I needed to hear but likely would “not” be well received by my little self, thank you for living through example and for being a torch (light) for others to find their way Home!”