This is amazing work. Some of the most transformative stuff I’ve experienced on this long journey of self-love. Easy and fun to read. Light, practical and highly effective. The exercises are short but magical. Very easy to learn and apply. Truly transformative, I can’t say that enough. I’m looking forward [...]

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Love and forgiveness is all there is.

Michael Mirdad has taken the most important aspects of A Course in Miracles and made them accessible and usable. The text of ACIM I found to be very challenging to read and understand, whereas the ACIM lessons created a shift in my life which transforms my life today. The Book [...]

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Deep Cleansing

This amazing work isn't for everyone. It is only for anyone who wants to go deep inside and clear out all that is in the way of their relationship with God. Although it seems quite simple, the content has us penetrating our deepest wounds, and learning to forgive, not only [...]

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Great book from a great teacher!

This book really helped me understand more fully why challenging things and people show up in my life and how I just create my own suffering from this instead of seeing the insights & gifts they bring. Michael taught me how to get down to the truth of what is [...]

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Love and Forgiveness made easy

Michael's style is very direct and makes it easy for the reader to understand what he is saying. I have found the forgiveness techniques to be very helpful. Because of Michael I catch myself when making Judgements and am able to defuse it and forgive both the judgement and myself [...]

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I highly recommend this book

I highly recommend this book! It is beautifully written in an easy to understand and apply format. There are many techniques that can be used everyday-which I have found to be very transformative in my life and relationships. It teaches about the process of forgiveness of others and ourselves, but [...]

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