Book is great educational reading

I like this book and came in mail quickly. Author of book and illustrations throughout are nice too. Book is worth the price and knowledge gained from reading.

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Sacred Sexuality

This book is a must read for anyone beginning their search into something a little deeper. It is a great beginner book for someone who is possibly more timid in anything with elaborate rituals. The exercises are simple and mindful.

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Discover a whole new life

I am echoing all of the positive reviews posted already. Sacredness in sexuality was certainly a new concept for me, but Michael Mirdad--who is an excellent teacher--describes well how to awaken this "path of living bliss." He handles a sensitive subject with beauty and grace. If you are looking to [...]

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Great reference!

I first read this book in preparation for a seminar I was about to take. It raised my eyebrows more than once! Never had I seen a book that explained so much, in so natural a manner! There was so much information, it was overload... I confess, initially I didn't [...]

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this book should be required reading for humans

I support all previous reviews of this book..I will add..that as a student and teacher of sacred sexuality I've read many books on the subject but this one is my favorite by far! I highly recommend it to all of my students, men and women alike, because it is an [...]

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Erasing the Stigma of Sex

Michael's way of marrying spirituality with the physical act of sex is lovely and refreshing. Having so much taboo around sex in our society, how wonderful to have this subject shown and explained in a sacred, beautiful and thoughtful way. Helpful, informative and a must read for anyone wanting to [...]

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Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality was very informative in a non-threatening way. I have spent many years not paying attention to my sexuality. It has caused me not only to miss out on a part of my life, but to create imbalance in it. Following some of the simple suggestions gave me an [...]

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Most Comprehensive Manual For Living Bliss

This book is the most comprehensive modern work on sacred sexuality as an art of blissful living. I enjoyed it very much and found it helpful in my daily practices. The work is deep and detailed when needed and covers all aspect of the subject incorporating knowledge from deferent schools [...]

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Fantastic book!

I loved this book. From someone brought up with a great deal of repression on the subject, this book and its exercises gave me a whole new outlook on the tremendously healthy act of sexual expression! Thank you Michael Mirdad for your great gift of teaching. Your perceptions continue to [...]

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