Spiritually and profoundly described sexuality and connection, highly recommend

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Best Tantric Book for Beginners & Experienced Tantric Students

Written in beautiful Heart energy, this explicit workbook includes full explanation of anatomy function, with exercises for heartful tantric practice alone or with another, as well as healing of trauma which hinders the free flow of Eros. The clinical is expressed in easy to understand American verbiage in Michael's unique [...]

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Great For Starters

Not as advanced as I had hoped, as well as very male thought process in approach...but it was written by a male. Sort of hoping that this is just an intro to scared sexuality and further books will be much more indepth. Lots of anatomy, prerequisite and intro in this [...]

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Accessible and sexy!

This is one of the best books that integrates spirituality and sexuality that I have read. I'm a fan of David Deida's work as well.

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Four Stars

Very good book. Sometimes a little redundant but worth having in your library.

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Competent writing

Competent writing The author is knowledgeable about sexual matters and includes graphics to help understand what he's speaking about. I recommend it to couples.

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