The shift was nothing short of miraculous

"Michael Mirdad is a kind, witty, spirit -filled, intuitive healer and counselor. He came to our Unity church in Virginia back in 2010. When I saw the announcement about his visit, my first thought was to question why he was looking so much like Jesus. By the time he left, [...]

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Deep Peace

"Omg Michael . . . I have to tell you about my realization this am. We had a session a few weeks ago, and you told me to ask the Mother to help me heal at the deepest level. So I have been asking. Well, so many people I thought [...]

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True Healing Began

"Dear Michael Mirdad: I had a session with you a few months ago. During our session I was struggling with an overly sensitive nervous that I was allowing to basically ruin my life. I gave up on spirituality and lost my faith in teachers and my fear of men basically [...]

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The Most Transformational Session Ever!

"Dear Michael: Thank you for my wonderful healing session with you. It was the most transformational session that I have ever had. You are an Angel in my world! I don't remember ever feeling so comfortable with someone I just met. Your intuitive skills are quite remarkable and most of [...]

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A Beacon of Love & Light

"Dear Michael: You are such a beacon of love and light to this world. I met you last year and did a private session wherein we discussed my career and my book that was waiting patiently to be birthed. I practiced the "homework" faithfully that you gave me regarding both [...]

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A Change of Heart!

"In May of 2006 I was exhibiting all the symptoms of heart failure. It came on very suddenly and I went through a lot of testing (i.e. CT scans, X rays, full body ultra sounds and an echocardiogram). They found that I have a valve in my heart that does [...]

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A Miraculous Calm!

"Dear Michael: Thank you for the miracle of a session with you. The deep kindness of your healing touch is with me still. I have a sense of calm that I did not have before. I have no doubt that you reached and healed my wounded inner child. Now I [...]

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A New Body

"The Private Session was truly amazing. I feel like I have a new body. I could actually feel the blockages leaving when we were doing the bodywork. I've never experienced anything like that before€”at least not at such a deep level. I could see Michael's essence, which allowed me to [...]

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A New Way of Being!

"Michael, I met you last week at a Unity Church. I attended most of your lectures and had a one-on-one session with you. I just wanted to let you know that your wonderful presence and energy has inspired me even more to walk a path of Christ Consciousness. I had [...]

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A New Life & Relationship!

"Thanks to you I've been seeing a guy now since April. He's wonderful, loving, and attentive. I know that all the personal work I've done and our sessions together, have helped me open up and feel comfortable with Men€“for the first time. It's amazing. This is my first long-term relationship [...]

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