A Gentle Touch Can Melt Years of Defense

"Michael, Thank you so much for your focused attention at Saturday's workshop and during my session last week. It is amazing to me how much a gentle touch on the shoulder has opened me up. There are so many ways I shut myself down over the past 24 years that [...]

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Adventure in Self Discovery

"The on-line course on Christ Consciousness has been an adventure in self discovery. This course helps us clean ourselves internally & externally . . . our bodies, cells, thoughts, closets, cars, and desks. The processes taught in this course have created a healing on a deep level, which opens us [...]

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Calm and Confident

"The Inner Christ online course, with its ongoing incredible timing and seemingly supernatural synchronicity, offered me the perfect opportunity to continue my Spiritual education, and to feel connected, supported, and loved within a like-minded group. I have gained so much knowledge and am becoming much more secure in knowing what [...]

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Calm and Productive

"I knew inside I had to take the online Christ Consciousness Course but I didn't know why. Since starting the course, I've been able to carry myself in a higher, more relaxed state of consciousness throughout the day. I feel more relaxed, and have been able to notice when feeling [...]

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Working Our Way to the Truth

"Unlike many online courses that tend to be mostly reading, Michael's online course is very much experiential. In this course we (as individuals and as a group) are clearing away the veils of illusion, like cob webs, while working our way to the Truth. Before doing this course, I struggled [...]

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What a Gift

"I've been on the spiritual path for many years now but I felt I needed some help taking it to the next step. I could feel my ego blocks and other things holding me back. I signed up for the Christ Consciousness course and every lesson has taken us on [...]

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The Smartest Choice

"The Inner Christ Online Course was one of the smartest choices to healing that I have made. It was wonderful having in essence, a spiritual life coach sending me material each week that I felt accountable in doing. Not only has the material helped me to clear emotional baggage, but [...]

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I have found my soul’s mission

"Michael, I looooooooved last night's class. I made my mission statement, refined it, and as I said it this morning to myself, I feel an immense feeling of joy. I have found my purpose. My soul's mission. Thank you for helping to facilitate that. "

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The Answers to My Questions

"Greetings Michael! I attended Unity on The River this past weekend for both the morning service and your afternoon workshop session. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I left your lecture with many questions answered as well as many more to explore. I have attended an [...]

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Perception and Understanding

"Through this course on Christ Consciousness, I've watched my perception and understanding make shifts, both dramatic and subtle. What was a physical 'reality for me is now more like an awareness. I think I can imagine what it means to live and be as an integrated body, mind, and soul. [...]

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