An Introduction to To Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

Wow!!! What a book! Step by step intro to Sacred Sexuality, written with wisdom and a sense of humor. I never knew there was so much to learn about the sacred aspect of sexuality. As for Tantra Sexuality, I can't imagine a more knowlegable book to read on the subject. [...]

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Intro to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

This is a book on the topic of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra that is full of information yet graced with an ease of reading. It is perfect for someone just stepping into the discovery of ourselves as sexual beings on a spiritual level as well as those experienced in the [...]

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balancing healthy sexuality and spiritual grace for whole, joyful living

This wonderful little book introduces so much information about sacred sexuality and tantra, but is also easy for a novice to read and understand. The history, required elements, and healing benefits of sacred sexuality, as well as basic foundations for self-awareness and intimacy with others are taught with depth, simplicity [...]

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Simple and Enlightening Teaching of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

A very special book that infuses the spiritual aspect of the person with the physical in a most balanced and healthy way in touching all aspects of our sexuality. It focuses on respect and love of the other as much as the self; this book presents a well balanced approach [...]

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