Life changing

Fabulous step by step, clear instructions and information. I’m so great full to have found Michael Mirdad. If your truly ready for a shift in consciousness then this book will assist.

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Beautiful Concise Way to Heal

Michael Mirdad is direct in his beautiful Healing the Heart and Soul book. It's very easy to read and believe anyone can pick this up and do the steps he lays out in order to live a healed and heart-centered life.

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Wonderful healing book

I used this book to help work on my emotional state as it may have to do with some physical pains I'm dealing with. This book was perfect to help me with that. I have been using "The Script" daily to help work on processing feelings. I am really enjoying [...]

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Michael Mirdad invites you into the light

Michael Mirdad, through his books and public speaking events, offers clear and enlightening and inspirational perspectives. Hang out in the light! Receive his gifts, wisdom, guidance and heart- and as a result- find yourself better off! A unique, one of a kind person. All of his books are unique, one [...]

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A Spiritual Guidebook

Another powerful and spiritually helpful book by Michael Mirdad. Amongst other thing, in Healing The Heart and Soul we are given a practical formula to transform pains and traumas into clarity, healing, thanks, and forgiveness.

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My favorite Michael Mirdad book

My favorite Michael Mirdad book, the healing guidance available in this book is priceless. He leads us through tracking the root of the issues so that we can unlock the blocks in our life.

By |2021-07-01T18:56:09-07:00June 30, 2017|

Loved it

Very practical ..i had been looking for a book like this for a long time... The prayers were very useful

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