love is the key

"Since I started on my spiritual path with that beautiful soul—Micheal Mirdad—I found the real God and the real me, my life is now brilliant. We all have ups and downs in life, but I have never been happier. Thank you Micheal. I love and appreciate you, as you saved [...]

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A Fountain of Love

"There is so much to write, yet there are no words for me, only the imprint on my heart and soul in a feeling, ineffable! I left with a fountain of love and joy to share with the world. I would so like to share my private feelings in regards [...]

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A Fabulous Deep Experience

"Having attended all of your Christ Consciousness workshops, all I can say is what a fabulous, deep experience! The melding of Biblical, Course in Miracles and other esoteric material with shamanic processes, meditation, conscious movement and psychodrama created a profoundly healing and enlightening journey. I was amazed how so many [...]

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A Deeply Inspiring Workshop

"The Christ Consciousness intensive is a deeply inspiring workshop. It covers what really matters in our human experience. Michael Mirdad's ability to connect pieces of information from many sources and historical times widens our vision and anchors our souls 'purpose. This class helps us be here for the world, rather [...]

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A Changed Man

"Since I saw Michael in Massachusetts a few months ago and attending his workshops, a lot of growth has transpired. I bought several of his CD's, many of which I have now lent to my clients because I felt they could learn so much. One man in particular is a [...]

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A Miracle for a Sports Fan

"Aloha Michael! You really made my day special with your 'miracle demonstration at your 'miracle workshop. You surprised me by giving me an autographed football signed by my favorite player, Lofa Tatupu. I appreciate you thinking of me as you decided to gift me this official NFL football, knowing that [...]

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A Master Healer

"Dear Micheal: I am writing this to extend my deepest gratitude for your work. As a recipient of past healing it has been so insightful to see you work. You are a Master healer. This is why I chose you as my teacher. This is why I continue to attend [...]

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A Gateway to God

"The Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive called me to join with my fellow souls to come together as one in our true self, to experience what this can feel like. Once I learned of the workshop, I knew beyond the mind, there was nowhere else I could be. So I traveled [...]

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A Gentle Touch Can Melt Years of Defense

"Michael, Thank you so much for your focused attention at Saturday's workshop and during my session last week. It is amazing to me how much a gentle touch on the shoulder has opened me up. There are so many ways I shut myself down over the past 24 years that [...]

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A Higher Vibration Workshop

"Thanks for another great workshop! The work we did just seemed to be at a higher energy/vibration than other workshops. The volume of information that came pouring into our awareness was simply perfect. The chronology of events was skillfully executed with emptying our minds and souls using various techniques including [...]

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