Shared Wisdom and Insight

"It has been an honor having Michael share his wisdom and insight at our church. His genuine presence and wonderful humor as a spiritual teacher and healer, have touched the hearts, minds, and souls of everyone present. His sermons and workshops have helped many to open up to continued spiritual [...]

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Provided Remarkable Healing Tools

"I thank Michael wholeheartedly for the wonderful message during his visit. It was as if I was being filled with that for which I hungered and thirsted and provided me with remarkable healing tools to use on my journey to Christ."

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Messages From the Heart

"Michael Mirdad is very popular at Unity of Mississauga, as evidenced by the increased number of congregants and Love-offerings on the days he's spoken here! He delivers his messages from the heart and speaks directly to spiritual matters and world issues. His afternoon and evening workshops are also well attended, [...]

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Love and Gratitude

"There aren't words to adequately express our love and gratitude for the difference Michael Mirdad has made in the lives of so many of us at Unity of Birmingham. The reception for him and his work is extraordinary! His workshops have drawn unusually large attendance, and his message of God's [...]

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Healing of Consciousness

"There has been, and continues to be, a tremendous healing of consciousness as a result of the workshops and sessions that Michael does. This has enhanced the growth of quality and quantity in our spiritual community."

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Helps Us Clear Obstacles to Clarity

"Michael Mirdad has the beautiful ability to gently help us clear away our obstacles to clarity and awareness. Further, he teaches from the experience of knowing the truth, rather than knowing about the truth."

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Empowering Spiritual Teacher

"Michael Mirdad is one of the most empowering spiritual teachers of our time. His original and personal expression of pre- senting Truth principles is refreshing and inspiring. He transcends denominational teachings and expresses truth in an understand- able and memorable way. Michael is the 'real deal.' His humor, authenticity and [...]

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Energy and Excitement

"The energy and excitement that Michael brings to the church is evident by the increase in the number of attendees to the Sunday services and workshops. His inspirational and enlightening talks and books have been a blessing to everyone at Unity."

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Delightful Humor and Inspiration

"We love when Michael comes to our church. We know the day will be full of delightful humor and inspiration. Whether he focus- es on our Soul's Purpose or awakening the Christ within, Michael Mirdad delivers his message with unsurpassed clarity and fun. I know I am not alone in [...]

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