Must read!👍💎

Just started reading this but so far it's really hitting on point, definitely worth taking time out for!

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All Michael Mirdad’s books are inspiring!

Michael Mirdad’s is a spiritual teacher who had a message of Truth, Love and Christ Consciousness that he is sharing with the world through his books and teachings. These books are a ‘must read’ if you are serious about your spiritual growth!

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Incredible book

I have followed the teachings of Michael Mirdad for a few years now. This book is filled with authentic, incredibly insightful guidance. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make their lives better. Follow his advice and you will be a happier individual. guaranteed

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The Dark Night of the Soul – What a journey!!

Michael Mirdad’s new book, The Dark Night of the Soul, is really amazing in how it captures exactly what it feels like to go through that process. In my own life, I went through it intensely for a few years, and there were many times when I just wanted to [...]

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Out of the Dark and Into the Light

The Dark Night of the Soul may be one of the most helpful books in Michael Mirdad’s long career of teaching and writing spiritually uplifting books (especially during this present time when society, itself, seems to be going through a Dark Night). Ultimately, this insightful, clearly written book explains how [...]

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