Great read about relationships

I listened to the recording of Michael's course on Relationships along with reading this book. It is very deep and points out to many aspects of how to deal with relationships. As always, I like Michael's style of writing - simple and effective with a practicality. It helped me greatly [...]

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Brilliant, Lucid

This book is a brilliant, lucid illustration of why relationships go wrong and go right. Want to heal your relationships? Read this book. Want to understand what boundaries are? Read this book. Want to learn about what delight is in store for you, once you master these principles? Read this [...]

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Healthy, Holy Relationships of all Kinds

Excellent insight into what makes healthy relationships of all kinds. Wisdom on avoiding codependent relationships (two wholes make the best romantic/life partners, not emotionally wounded or deficient individuals looking for a partner to "complete" them). Inspired guide to healthy, holy relationships for happy/harmonious living with friends, family and co-workers too.

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A Companion on the Road to More Harmonious Relationships

This is not just another typical book on relationships.It explores from a wider perspective: firstly our relationship with our True Source (God), secondly with our own self and then with others. Once we become centred in our True Self, the deeper and more fulfilling all our relationships will be, with [...]

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Truly an amazing book.

Truly an amazing book...a manual for living life...a concise summary of the basic teachings of A Course in Miracles(ACIM) explained in simple language....a must to read on your spiritual journey

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I have read most of Michael Mirdad’s teachings and like his other books

GOD First! And if you don't know this reference, you should definitely read this new book by Michael Mirdad. He teaches the importance of mastering your on-going relationship with God and Yourself, and then "sharing" a healthy YOU with all others.....Spouses, Life Partners, Lovers, Friends, Family and ultimately, every person [...]

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