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An excerpt from Michael Mirdad's article "Don't Just Be Good, Be Good For Something" - March eNewsletter.

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An excerpt from Michael Mirdads article Dont Just Be Good, Be Good For Something - March eNewsletter.

For the full article:  

To get the articles and other announcements via email each month, subscribe at:

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ol-Etheric-Record-of-Jesus-Co-181x300The Undoing Process

“Reflections of Love: Knowing Oneself as the Heart and Mind of God”

Online course with Robin Rose

This course is designed to reintroduce our minds and hearts to infinite Spirit and the understanding that God is all powerful, all healing and all knowing. Through this knowing, we will gain a greater understanding of the true I AM which will enable us to eliminate fear, lack, sickness or any other human thought that seems to separate us from our authentic selves as Spiritual beings. This return to spiritual understanding is what Christ Jesus attained and is what true Christ Consciousness is all about, being able to free ourselves from the mental thoughts that keep us believing we are living away from the Father, our image and likeness, which can never be true.

There is not God and–a body.
There is not God and–circumstance.
There is not God and–any sort of trouble.

There is only God, through and through, all good, all the time. The Good of our body, the Good of our seemingly empty wallets, the Good of our circumstances, just waiting as invisible Spirit to reveal It’s unlimited substance and and unfailing supply to us. All else is a lie.

God is.
God is all.
God is manifest, because that’s all that can manifest.

(12 week course)

Click Here to find out more or to REGISTER

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What a Gift

I’ve been on the spiritual path for many years now but I felt I needed some help taking it to the next step. I could feel my ego blocks and other things holding me back. I signed up for the Christ Consciousness course and every lesson has taken us on an incredible journey into ourselves—our true selves—our Divine selves. I feel lighter, happier and much more able to move forward in my personal life and my healing practice. It has shifted my perspective and my energy just as I was hoping it would. What a gift!

Lisa FL