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An excerpt from Michael Mirdad's article "Don't Just Be Good, Be Good For Something" - March eNewsletter.

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An excerpt from Michael Mirdads article Dont Just Be Good, Be Good For Something - March eNewsletter.

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To get the articles and other announcements via email each month, subscribe at:

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Michael Mirdad’s 5-day intensive retreats are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. If you read through the testimonials you’ll frequently come across phrases like “life transforming,” “most incredible retreat ever,” “incredibly healing experience,”  “surpassed my every expectation” and more.

Each intensive uses lecture, activities, discussion and various healing approaches to catapult you to new heights of spiritual understanding and integration.

mastery-and-healing-squareMastery & Healing Intensive – This intensive now combines both the Healing Workshop & Living Mastery Workshop into one information-packed, life-transforming 5-day intensive. You will never find a single event that offers so much! In this one course, you will discover how to get clearer guidance, receive and develop healing skills, experience many amazing teachings and insights, love and trust yourself, create fulfilling relationships and live a life that reflects your higher self in mind, body and soul. Mastery & Healing is an advanced training for students and teachers of spirituality who are ready to learn how to manifest a spiritual, integrated, balanced, and prosperous life, as well as learning how to bring God and all spiritual learning into your daily life and activities.


Awakening Christ Consciousness IntensiveAwakening Christ Consciousness Intensive – This is an advanced training for students and teachers of Christ Consciousness.It teaches attendees to connect with their True (Christ) Self and deeper levels of spiritual awareness. This workshop includes initiations into Christ Consciousness through rarely understood mystery teachings of Jesus–some of which were transferred to Mary Magdalene, clearing of various energy centers (chakras), the secret teachings of Christ, Jesus’ missing years amongst the Essenes and the Mystery Temples, and experiencing your own spiritual baptism.

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Abundance of Love

Michael weaves an amazing tapestry of healing in the 5-day healing intensive workshop. Panicked as I was at first to face myself, my issues and the darkness, somehow with Michael, God, and support from the group, I stayed the course! Thank God I did! How do you describe a miracle in words? Such a great quantity of purging and release was replaced with an abundance of love, tenderness, laughter, and caring. At times it felt like the scariest place (but that was all in my mind and ego) and yet it was one of the safest places I have ever been. The journey to find and face myself was magnificent (bumpy and fear laden but necessary). I am now home and feel lighter and braver. The gratitude I feel is enormous.

Monica FL