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We invite you to explore Michael Mirdad’s spirituality teachings via his many articles, videos and blog posts:

Articles – Informative articles on many spiritual topics

Videos – Full length and sample videos on many spiritual topics

Online Courses – We are excited to bring you a way to deepen your experience of Christ conscious through these amazing online courses:

On Tour – Michael regularly tours the country and the globe as a guest service leader, guest speaker and workshop/retreat speaker.

Workshops – Each workshop uses lecture, activities, discussion, and various healing approaches to catapult you to new heights of spiritual understanding and integration.

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Dear Michael: I would like to share a few comments about your gifts. You have this gift . . . a very special gift you see. I don’t know if everyone can perceive it right away, as it is often wrapped in a humble appearance, it isn’t dripping in precious metals or stones, nor does it involve any clever slights of hand. It doesn’t force itself upon you or declare itself present . . . no it is simple and it is subtle. It isn’t flashy or extravagant; it isn’t gratuitous, but just simply beautiful. This doesn’t feel like a mere gift of this world but rather a gift of Spirit. Thank you, Michael, for this gift. Thank you for offering it to my partner and me. May every possible blessing shower your head for your unshakable commitment to God and His Voice. I am so often overcome by my gratitude for your capacity to see me and to channel my words when I have lost them.


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