Love Loves Love

God (which is love) loves love. This means that Love, loves love. It also means that the Spirit of Love, loves to see, feel, and experience love. Our fear-based and hate-based ego, on the other hand, loathes love, which is to say that there is a part of us that gets [...]

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Spiritual Teachers and Healers

We Are All Teachers in the New Age In this new age, we know that in some respects we are all teachers. When properly understood, it means that we are all teaching and learning from each other-in each and every moment. This is especially true given that we are [...]

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Greed In Spiritual Teachers

If you are at all familiar with me or my teaching, it’s rare indeed to hear me spend any time on most worldly issues like politics, the economy, and such. Nevertheless, after much deliberation, I feel compelled to share my thoughts about something, namely the huge emphasis over the [...]

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