Has Everyone Gone Crazy?

It’s often been said that there is a fine line between genius and insanity, and this has never been as true as it is now. As the time arrives when illusion becomes a thing of the past, we are all drawn into a cleansing of the false aspects of [...]

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Do You Really Want To Be Special?

If there is one, single thing that most often makes or breaks our relationships (in every form), it’s our ability (or inability) to take responsibility. As the old adage goes, “Know Thyself!” The Need to Feel Special Comes From Doubting Our Divinity To truly be responsible, means to truly [...]

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Reincarnation: Past Lives, Lived in the Present

All students on the spiritual path eventually are confronted with the question of the reality and/or relevance of reincarnation. If your spiritual path has any roots in antiquity or has an influence from the Far East, you are likely to know about the theory of reincarnation. This [...]

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What is Love?

Although there is really only One world, or One reality—God's—in our world of duality, we seem to have two realities, which are as follows: In Spirit, everything is Eternal, Unlimited, and Unconditional—including Love. Therefore, Divine Love is Eternal, Unlimited, and Unconditional. On Earth, however, everything changes, is limited, and [...]

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What is True Friendship?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how many TRUE friends you have? Before you answer, first eliminate from your list people that are really more like acquaintances and not actual friends. Next, eliminate family members, since your relationship with them is not based primarily on friendship. [...]

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Intimacy and Sexuality: How’s Your Love Life?

Sacred Sexuality Is an Expression of Love and Intimacy The greatest thing a person can experience is Love. One of the most important expressions of Love is intimacy. And sharing a healthy “sacred” sexual experience is one of the most powerful, physical expressions of both love and intimacy. After [...]

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