Living Mastery

There are basically three types of people on earth: Those who are asleep, oblivious to the deeper meaning of life; those who are waking-up and are attempting to experience some greater form of spirituality or self-awareness; and those who are far enough along on the spiritual path to become [...]

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Spiritual Mastery

Spiritual Mastery Is Our Destiny Attaining and living in a state of personal and spiritual mastery is the destiny of all men and women. Living in a state of Mastery means recognizing one's highest potential as gods and goddesses and treating ourselves accordingly. Living Mastery also means finding a [...]

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Live Fully or You Are Not Fully Alive!

Do you ever get tired of hearing people talking the spiritual talk but not living it—fully? I’m not just referring to the usual problem of people not “walking their talk.” I am referring to those who only live their spirituality in their head. Of course, it’s wonderful that they [...]

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Question from a reader

Michael, I love your book, "You're Not Going Crazy..." It has been an invaluable source of information and guidance for me during this past year. I've even read it twice already. Question: Do you think the process of transformation is ever complete? I've sometimes assumed I was really done [...]

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