Love Loves Love

God (which is love) loves love. This means that Love, loves love. It also means that the Spirit of Love, loves to see, feel, and experience love. Our fear-based and hate-based ego, on the other hand, loathes love, which is to say that there is a part of us that gets [...]

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Loving Self

There are only three relationships you can have: one is with God; one is with Self; and one is with Others. To nurture a relationship with God involves the practice of prayer and meditation, as well as being as loving as humanly possible. The second relationship-the one with Self-involves [...]

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Forgiveness: The Highest Expression of Love

The highest expression of love is not romance, but forgiveness. Any ordinary human being can love someone, but it takes an extraordinary human being to love and forgive. The only thing in this world that can bring you all that you could possibly want is forgiveness. This is because [...]

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