Happy New Year To All of You (our Spiritual Family)!

I pray that each of you enjoyed the Holiday Season and are preparing for a wonder-filled year. We (at The Global Center for Christ Consciousness) are starting the new year by thanking everyone for being so loving and supportive of our/your spiritual center--and under our new name. We are [...]

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It’s Time to Anchor More Light

Many of us have been praying for the world of illusion to pass away so that the real (and better) world can come into manifestation. And now that it’s clearly happening, it’s strange to see so many people reacting so adversely to the process. But why? If it’s only [...]

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Light at the End of the Tunnel

When I teach, I usually teach at whatever level the group is at—while always adding something more in order to encourage the attendees to stretch their minds a bit more. But, being at Unity of Sedona for several years now is different. Here, the attendees seem ready for something profound every [...]

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