Sexual Healing

There is a form of healing and counseling that is effective for bringing healing and balance to our life, via our root chakra. Yet, despite the success of healing related to intimacy and sexuality, it is still frowned upon by so-called open-minded healers and therapists. In view of the [...]

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Jesus Loves the Little Children

Those of you who have been students of mine for many years might recall me sharing this story once before. And, for various reasons, it feels like a good time to share it again. One of those reasons is that, although I love teaching the numerous topics needed for [...]

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Holistic Health & Healing

The topics of health and healing are commonly found in the media and in our daily conversations. As we all know, there is no shortage of books, articles, teachers, and doctors who tell us what we need to do to remain in optimal health. The problem is, that they [...]

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Resist Not Evil: Healing Duality in Our Lives

By now, nearly every student on the path of spirituality has heard about the concept of "separation" (versus oneness). But nobody seems to address the specifics around this. What does it mean to be separate? How does this manifest on a day-to-day basis? What can we do [...]

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Healing Trauma

Have you committed time to healing your life and growing beyond some past issue that has, thus far, limited your ability to feel whole and alive? If you are in a body, you probably answered yes to this question. Believe it or not, nearly everyone on the [...]

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Healing Power of Affection

There are numerous ways that healers and miracle workers claim to transform the health and lives of their clients. But we almost never hear about the simple, yet profound, effects of loving human affection. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from clients or friends or [...]

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Healing: Heart and Soul

The words “Healing” and “Miracles” are synonymous. They are synonymous because healing does not exist and cannot occur without miracles. On the surface, this may not seem so. If, for example, we take an aspirin and it deadens the pain of a headache, we might mistake the [...]

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