It’s Time to Anchor More Light

Many of us have been praying for the world of illusion to pass away so that the real (and better) world can come into manifestation. And now that it’s clearly happening, it’s strange to see so many people reacting so adversely to the process. But why? If it’s only [...]

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True Spirit of Christmas

Long before the Christians celebrated Christmas, the pagans celebrated the birth of the Son/Sun of God. And even before the pagans, nature itself was always celebrating the end of winter and the birth of a new day. This real story, however, of the birth of Christ, begins with a [...]

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The Doorway to Christ Consciousness

All true Lightworkers know that the name of our true identity is the Christ. And yet very few people know what this means, nor can they easily wrap their mind around this concept. Imagine God as being the center of a room of Light and that this area of [...]

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What is Christ Consciousness?

Imagine God as being the center of a room of Light and being the Presence of Love, Peace, and Joy. Then imagine that THAT Center/God emanates a Light that fills the room. This Light is known as the Christ—which is us—our True Selves. This Light is the [...]

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Christ Consciousness Awakening

The birthing of Christ Consciousness is not to be confused with the return of Jesus or any other spiritual leader. In fact, it is just the opposite. Two thousand years ago, Jesus left his students and said, “I must leave you now or the comforter will not come to [...]

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Birth of the Inner Christ

It’s during this time of year that nearly one-third of Earth’s population celebrates Christmas. This celebration focuses on the birth of Christ, or more accurately, the birth of the baby Jesus–who became the Christ What most people don’t realize is that Christmas is not merely to commemorate the birth of [...]

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The August Lion’s Gate

As we prepare ourselves for a New Earth, there will be several signposts along the way—some larger than others. This month (August of 2017) is one of the more significant moments in time that mark a major shift for us all. During this time, we will all [...]

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The Birthing Of Christ Consciousness!

After moving beyond the year 2012 . . . the year most ancient civilizations foretold to be the end of civilization as we know it, did you find that your life changed in any significant way? If you answer yes, you are not alone. If you answer no, you [...]

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