Two thousand years ago, humanity received a gift in the embodiment of the birth of Christ. This blessed moment brought the highest of vibrations into the physical realm and with it came the potential remembrance of our Divinity for all who choose to accept it. Thirty-three years later the physical body of Jesus was crucified, and days later resurrected as a Light-body. After materializing and teaching his followers for several days, Jesus completed his transformation into the Christ Consciousness and Ascended into the etheric realm. Before his ascension, he taught and prepared his followers for the spiritual journey ahead and their own ascension into Christ Consciousness.

Jesus also once made a comment that the ‘generation’ of people who were with him then, would “witness the Second Coming”. Be this a literal reference or a metaphoric one regarding the return of Christ, it still carries powerful meaning for us all. History’s greatest clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce, said that the meaning to this biblical passage was confirming that the generation of souls that lived in that era would return (i.e. reincarnate) to witness the second coming. Many of us were present then. In fact, many of us were instructed to then become as family, to work closely and to commit our lives (in various ways) to manifesting love and light (i.e. Christ Consciousness) to and for the world and beyond. Jesus knew that there would be numerous obstacles on our path, which is why he likened our journey to that of sheep among wolves. Never the less, he sent us on our journey then and now with the encouraging and timeless words: “You have nothing to fear, for I am with you always – even until the end of time”.

As soon as Jesus ascended (we) his followers began a pilgrimage from the Judean region to the south of France landing in Marseilles. The travelers included Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, her sister Martha, Lazarus, several apostles, a group of Disciples and one outcast leader of the Judean region (who condemned Jesus) known as Joseph of Arimathea. Joseph, who was also Jesus’ stepfather, led the pilgrims through France to the northern coast. They were all initiated as healers and teachers. Mary Magdalene and Martha left a legacy of stories that tell of miracles and healing that they performed. Martha settled in Tarasque. Mary Magdalene settled in Le Saint Baume. From the northern coast of France, Joseph, Mother Mary and several followers continued on to the southern tip of England. One of the main landings was Cornwall. Cornwall was a familiar place to Joseph as he had visited there several times with the young boy Jesus as Joseph was a tin tradesman. Some of the old tin mines are even named in remembrance, such as Corpus Christi. There are famous crosses, known as tunic crosses found in Cornwall that bear the figure of a child on one side (in remembrance of the child Jesus) with arms outstretched. In Cornwall there are also legends of a giant that befriended Joseph and Jesus. Years ago the skeleton of a 9 foot giant was excavated in that region during repairs of a local church.

Pressing forward, Joseph and his friends finally settled in Glastonbury. Nearby, in a town called Bath, there is a stained glass window in a Church that depicts St. Joseph (with both men and women followers) arriving in Glastonbury. Joseph was eventually gifted with, what was then, an island. Here he built a home for Mother Mary, which later became known as Mary’s chapel. Eventually, the waters in the area were drained away and that island would later be called Avalon. This would be the home of Mary’s Chalice Well, Stonehenge, the initiatory labyrinth called The Tor, and several other sacred sites.

Another vital link in the Glastonbury heritage, and in the global birthing of Christ Consciousness was with the development of Camelot. King Arthur (also known as the Chalice King) along with Queen Gwinevere and the holy knights of the round table (also known as the grail knights) brought the teachings of Christ Jesus into daily living. Their lifestyle was one of empowerment to all. They honored both the male and female archetypes. Yet most important, they held their center of focus on the spirit of the grail which was the symbol of Christ and the cup that Jesus used at the Last Supper.

Now, after a two thousand-year preparation, the birth of Christ is shifting from the birth within the one to the birth within all. Mother Mary once gave birth to Jesus the Christ. Today, Christ is once again being birthed, yet this time we are all pregnant. The birth of Jesus brought the Spirit of Christ to the material world as a body. Now we are birthing Christ as a state of Consciousness for all.