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This box set contains all speakers, performers, and video presenters at our 2012 Festival in one complete set. You will see our Keynote speakers: Patricia Cota Robles, Michael Mirdad, and Carey and Elsa Stokes. Workshop presenters: Susanna Sophia, Aleya Annaton, Sally Reeves Conway, Fran Grace, Jewels Maloney and Helena Barceller. Our performers: Cara Marie, Standswithbear, Three Trees, Ralf Illenberger, Julia Mueller, Tina Reichow, Claudia Tulip, Gabrielle Young, and Amalia Camateros.

Bonus Special Presentation: Exclusive video presentation from Gregg Braden, John Van Auken, Dee Wallace, Gary Renard, Jean Adrienne, Steven Halpern, Steve Bhaerman, Jean Slatter, Aeoliah, Sondra Ray, Nicki Scully, Jonathan Goldman, THEO, John Randolph Price, Dr Eric Pearl, and many more…

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Changed By Magdalene

I am writing to thank you for leading me through the initiation of Mary Magdalene in our private session. What can I say? You know so much, it is fascinating and inspiring me. Previously, my challenges were social phobia, panic attacks, afraid of men, co-dependence, etc . . . But, after my session with you I signed up for a few courses that will now get me back out into the world. Also, the people who you helped me forgive during the session ended up calling me a few days after our work together and they apologized. I am happier and I smile more. My attitude is friendlier than before. I am still shy, but I am more approachable. I talk to people everywhere I go. I even got asked out on a date the DAY AFTER OUR SESSION. I’ve even committed to seeing a personal trainer and getting back in shape. Lastly, my energy level has improved and I am able to see more clients than ever before. I’ve spent thousands on other healers and therapists (Reiki, NLP, hypnosis, theta, to name a few . . . ), but the improvements were minimal. I don’t know through which miracle I have trusted you, but I did and I am glad, and now I see great changes. Thank you! I hope it is rewarding for you knowing that your work helped me so much. I took the time to write it down because you deserve to know.


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