By now, nearly every student on the path of spirituality has heard about the concept of “separation” (versus oneness). But nobody seems to address the specifics around this. What does it mean to be separate? How does this manifest on a day-to-day basis? What can we do about it?

To be separate from God, and from each other, means to feel separate withinIf we feel separate within, we will inevitably witness manifestations of this separation in our outer lives. And the most common manifestation of this separation in our outer lives comes in the form of duality—which we find everywhere in this world (and the universe for that matter). For example, we wouldn’t have arguments and wars if we didn’t have dualistic beliefs that say that one side is right and the other is wrong. Without a dualistic world, there would be no sickness and illness, no rich and poor, and no differences in race or religion. This is what John Lennon was singing about when he wrote, “Imagine all the people, living life in peace . . .” His song could accurately have been titled, “Imagine no Duality,” as that is what the song was about.

It is the destiny of all human beings to confront their personal (and humanity’s collective) manifestations of duality and to bring them to healing and then embody the healing. This does not necessarily mean manifesting a balance of any two extremes or polarities. It means instead to live in the state of peace that is found in the center—beyond dualistic conflicts. So it’s wise to note the various forms of duality in which we all live—along with some possible alternatives. If we can figure out what dualities are most prevalent in our own personal lives, we might then be able to accept them as part of our mission here on earth to somehow assist in healing those particular dualities. Then, instead of manifesting the duality or conflict on each topic, we can practice embodying the healed alternative of the topic.

Many dualities are between something “spiritual” versus something “non-spiritual.” But there are also several dualities that do not include spirituality at all. For example, there is duality between male and female archetypes or between war and peace. There is even a dietary duality between meat eaters and vegetarians.

But one of the least recognized dualities on the planet is the apparent duality between spirituality and everything related to the material world. For example, notice the duality between spirituality and politics; spirituality and medicine; spirituality and vocation. For many people there is even duality between spirituality and family. And even in music and cinema, when a director or band tries to release a project that has huge spiritual content, they are usually hammered by the critics, mainly because of the duality within the arts between spiritual messages and mundane messages. The following is a list of common beliefs that can remain as unhealed paradigms OR can be brought to healing and integration.

  • We can avoid reconciling the duality between the male and female psyche OR we can honor and nurture both our masculine and feminine sides in order to embody them in a harmonious way.
  • We can avoid reconciling the duality between Christian beliefs and metaphysics (or Buddhism, and so forth) OR we can follow the path of the Christian mystic and find the Consciousness of Christ in all great teachings.
  • We can avoid reconciling the duality between spirituality and sexuality OR we can learn to express God’s love—even on a sexual level.
  • We can avoid reconciling the duality between spirituality and success OR we can recognize that since we are made in the Abundant Image of God, we too are entitled to that abundance.
  • We can avoid reconciling the duality between being calm and centered and being ambitious and driven OR we can allow Spirit to Inspire us to be focused enough to get things done.
  • We can avoid reconciling the duality of being both attractive and intelligent OR we can embody all the archetypes, such as creative, intelligent, sexy, beautiful, prosperous, grounded, etc…

Again, we are all on planet earth to help heal separation, which means healing the concept of duality, and we can start by healing the manifestations in and around our own lives. This involves: 1) Being open and honest about all forms of duality as they show up in our lives (possibly writing a self-inventory). 2) Bringing the duality or conflict courageously to the light by openly sharing our inventory (starting with people we can trust). 3) Practicing forgiveness (for ourselves and others). 4) Embodying a conflict-free alternative to the duality.

Once we’ve thoroughly processed numerous personal and global issues around duality, we usually will witness the healing of the duality in a few ways: 1) We begin to feel more internal peace around the topic. 2) Our ability to speak and act openly about the topic rises to a new level because, after all, “we are only as sick as our secrets.” 3) Compulsive and addictive thoughts, emotions, and actions related to the duality tend to subside—meaning we don’t participate in as many of the extreme behaviors of one side or another of the duality.

In my own personal experience, I basically do what I can to heal any and all forms of duality that cross my path. I take this calling from Spirit (to heal duality) very seriously and consistently do personal inventory to keep myself as clear as possible of all extremes (dualities). Also, I do my best to teach and embody the peace and balance found in the center of all duality. This includes teaching and embodying a balance of masculinity versus femininity, spirituality versus sexuality, and strength versus sensitivity. And instead of doing this in a shallow or contrived way, I prefer being an honest example of integration—as best I can—which includes speaking openly about all aspects of my life.

Whatever form of duality we choose to work on, it will bring its own particular challenges. For example, Jesus chose to heal the duality of love and hate (or fear) and ended up being crucified by people who were hateful and afraid. John Lennon, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King all embodied peace but all were shot by people who didn’t want peace. This is not to say that every type of healing work we do will have such extreme results. But it does mean that any time we choose to expose some form of duality, and seek to unwind its control over us, there will be a price to pay. The solution: Trust in God/Christ to show us how to navigate that lesson/journey as effortlessly as possible and to be led towards a new life wherein that particular duality no longer has the power that it once seemed to have.

So take a moment to reflect on a few of your own most recurring issues or patterns in your life and see if you can discover how the challenge was related to a lesson related the a theme of duality. For example, if you have a lot of issues with any particular gender, it’s possible that one of the reasons you are on earth is to help heal the duality between genders. Or, if you have always tried to be a “good” boy or girl, it could mean that you have to heal the duality of being “good” (or “bad”) for the sake of others. Whatever form of duality seems to call to us, the goal remains the same; we are meant to heal the personal and global conflict (duality) around the topic and then embody the presence of that healed state.