I just wanted to say that I love the new photo of Michael you are using on the Grail Productions website. It’s not that a photo should be such a big deal but I really think your photographer captured some of the special energy I feel from Michael or feel in his teachings. How did you accomplish this? Was the photo touched up?

We’ve had many, many dozens of comments and questions regarding that “publicity” photo. Due to the white luminosity around the head and the blue eyes (an eye color I don’t naturally have), people are asking if the photo was touched up and the answer is . . . NO! The story is simple: when it was decided that I would be on the cover of Evolve Magazine, it was also decided that we need a new photo with higher resolution for the glossy cover. So one afternoon, I rushed over to a friend’s house, who happens to be an artist and a photographer. We shot a half-dozen photos and the one you see was the first one we shot. It was very quick and spontaneous. Evolve Magazine chose the second one we shot as it was more suitable for them due to having less light around the head. They also touched up their chosen photo by deleting as much light as they could without harming the image. So what you see on the Evolve cover is actually a photo that has been altered to remove some of the light. Also, when we took the photos, the entire background was completely green due to these lush green trees but they were totally washed out by the white light you see around the head, neck, and chest. Lastly, if you were to look carefully at the eyes, they are blue but this was actually an unusual occurrence and not due to contact lenses or photo touch-up. So there you have it! I have explained that the photo is real and not touched up but I have not explained why these physical and metaphysical changes took place. I will leave that up to you to understand. Thanks for the curiosity and support.