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My experience at the workshop was incredible. Everything that I needed was provided for me. The Magic of Michael Mirdad is that he shows you the way, he helps you through the path, but you have to do the work. Being with Michael has brought me to a very Buddhist place in my life, which is that I am responsible for what happens in my life, it is all about my choice in harmony with spirit. I have now learned to replace pain memories with present love and I am learning to love others without projections and expectations. There are really no words to express my gratitude of what I have learned.

Franco AK August 15, 2015

Testimony for Healing Trauma Workshop 12/06/14

How do you express gratitude for a burden to be lifted of which you weren’t even consciously aware? My mind hid an event in my body’s cellular memory that I never imagined was there. Now I know that there is an on-going layering that buries such memories, until our desire to be “well and whole” can set us free. This process is made much easier when we have caring healers. The atmosphere of the workshop created more love and appreciation for each attendee to be in a safe and cohesive situation that reenforced our love and support for each other.

J AZ August 24, 2015

Highest Experience

This workshop ranks right up there as one of highest experiences of my life. I came in with an expectation of learning some good healing modalities and possibly getting clarity on some personal issues. But what I came away with was a life changing experience that I know I’ll never go back to my former way of thinking. I had such a tremendous release during the breath-work, I would say it was nothing short of a miracle! I was amazed at how quickly, in the workshop environment, I could feel safe enough to let go and how deeply powerful the emotion erupted from my soul! No counseling, therapy or prescription drugs have ever been so profoundly beneficial! I had another peak experience during the anger work. I have to credit my healing partner during that exercise for being so right there for me, supportive, strong and loving, she said the exactly right words at the right moment! I left feeling healed from the inside out and it was very encouraging to hear I had helped others too.

Jennifer OR August 15, 2015

Feeling the Love

Dear Michael: I have been home one day since the 5-day Healing workshop and I am still feeling the love of everyone at Avalon and in the workshop! I arrived at Avalon uncertain about my connection to God and wondered how I could have gotten so far off. But it only took about 24 hours for me to remember. I am so grateful to you, Michael, for showing me that the way to healing my issues and suffering, was to reconnect with God, and in 5 short days, which went way too quickly, I was reborn. Often, after other retreats, I am a bit depressed to go back to the “real world”, but yesterday I returned home with excitement and passion for my life. And even more so, I left behind the relationships, patterns, and traumas that no longer align with the love and respect that I now call forth for my life. I want to share the healing tools we learned, and the daily practices that help us remember our inner Christ and our oneness with all. Not only to heal myself and those who seek my healing gifts, but with the knowing that as we heal ourselves we heal the world. The entire workshop seemed like it was planned around exactly what each person needed to heal our own soul level issues, and at the same time learn these tools and work with each other. The giving and receiving of healing and love was woven throughout everything we did, and each day was built seamlessly upon the day before—masterfully! I am in such gratitude to everyone at Avalon who made the past 5 days true healing of the body and soul! And to Michael, thank you hardly seems like the right words. How do I thank you for helping me look into some of the darkest parts of my soul, and come out reborn radiating God’s love? I give thanks to God for all the healing that took place and the Miracle Workers who participated, and I look forward to returning to Avalon to continue my soul’s work.

—Beth, CA August 14, 2015

Impactful Healing

I cannot express how impactful the healing workshop was for me. We learned powerful tools for healing others and ourselves. I remembered that I have no limitations. I am in awe of the gifts God has bestowed upon me. I am in awe of my life. I released so much at the retreat and it has continued. I have let go of stuff that I did not even know I needed to let go of . . . and Michael’s love and ability to know exactly what each one of us (I) needed, amazed me.

Sandra CA August 15, 2015

Reestablished Connections

After committing to this workshop, I questioned myself as to the practicality of such an adventure. I felt it to be somewhat selfish and irresponsible to take time off from school, making money and my family. But thankfully a good friend had recommended Michael’s books and workshops and so I chose to trust the moment and intuitively felt it to be a necessity. The past 5 days have forever changed my life. I cannot adequately express the appreciation and gratitude for the many gifts that I have received during this time. The abundance of hope, love, spirit, and resources provided were/are invaluable. In addition to addressing issues that have permeated my life, this workshop has reintroduced practices that I had unintentionally discarded, while also introducing new material that I had always wished to explore. This amazing comprehensive workshop incorporated a phenomenal collection of healing modules that blew me away. I still cannot conceive how so many practices were incorporated with such quality and professionalism in such a short time. This concise methodical, purposeful approach to healing was presented in a progression of events with utmost integrity to ones pain while also infusing creativity, spontaneity and humor. The gardens, the woods and the place itself, felt like Heaven on Earth. I felt peace for the first time in a very long while. The group of people involved also blew me away. The individuality and beauty of each one was an integral part of the experience. I feel like I have reestablished connections and made new friends for life.

Karen FL August 15, 2015

Tokyo Workshop Part 2

I have another thing to share: I had attended some other workshops before I attended yours. From each of them I learned a lot. But what made yours special to me was your absolute solid attitude that our relationship with God should always come first. Even though I practiced meditations I had learned in previous workshops, I felt something was wrong. Now I know that opening myself to God and always knowing He is with me changes everything. At first when you started to teach us, the way you were teaching irritated me because you seemed so certain. Do you remember, in your book “Creating Fulfilling Relationship,” you are saying “we often discover that the very thing that we most like about a person is often the thing we also most dislike about them?” In my case, what I disliked most about your workshop turned out to be the very thing that made your workshop special for me. It made me smile. I found that through all those years I had been angry at God and trying to turn my eyes away from Him, Jesus was always walking along with me and gently guiding me. That reminds me of the story of two disciples accompanying Jesus on their way to Emmaus. They didn’t recognize Him but later they found that it had been Jesus, and said to each other, “Did not our heart burn within us while he talked to us.” Like them, now I often feel my heart burning to know that He is with me.

YH Japan August 24, 2015

Tokyo Workshop

Hello! I am the “full of anger” high school teacher who attended your workshop in Tokyo last weekend. You mentioned me in one of your facebook posts. I’m writing this mail to say thank you again. Attending your workshop and being helped by you in the private session have changed my life dramatically. I’m no longer angry at males. That’s one good change. An even bigger change is this: Do you remember you told us in the workshop that sometimes in workshops, you noticed someone coming to you to hug you or shake hands with you, but they had a feeling like “I’m sorry such a trivial person like me is bothering you for a hug or handshake.” In those cases, you said you would sometimes pull that person back towards you to shake their hand or hug them again, just to show that person that he or she was a valuable person enough to hug or shake hands again. Today while in the train on my way to school, I remembered your story above. In that moment I realized I could give love and be a healer in my own working place if I was conscious enough. While I’m teaching, when students are coming to me to talk about something or ask a question, by accepting them as a very valuable person and by cherishing moments with them, I too can be a healer. Before attending your workshop, I had been looking for a better way to be helpful teacher to my students. I thought I needed to learn some special way. However, I’ve realized, just giving love each moment makes big differences. The reason why I’m writing this mail is that I really want to tell you that attending your workshop and realizing this simple truth is like learning Alchemy for me. Now my daily life is full of wonder and discovery. And your book “Creating Fulfilling Relationships” is also giving me great enlightenment. And, your attitude, that our first Priority should always be God, is great. Thank you very much again, and may God bless you always.

YH Japan August 24, 2015

In Awe

This was my third retreat at Avalon, and I am amazed that each one has taken me through such different levels of processing towards my goal of being whole. I am blessed to have been a part of such an extraordinary group of students and teachers. I am in awe of the power of this retreat. I was constantly being challenged to open, both physically and emotionally. I learned not only new tools to heal myself but also others. I was completely surprised by my ability to open and release through body work, and the energy that flowed through me during the cranial exercise blew me away. Learning EFT was fascinating. I am using it every day. I loved the anger release. The “resurrection” exercise helped me two-fold (among others) . . . I realized I do need to open my heart more to myself and others and how good it felt to leave patterns behind.

Sandra CA August 15, 2015

Rare to Behold

Being part of this Easter workshop was an extraordinary experience of both Christ presence and inner challenges. I am a sincere Course in Miracles student and to have a teacher/facilitator that bases his workshops on what I consider to be holy principles is a rare thing to behold. If you want a boost in how to live the Course lessons, this is the perfect retreat. My compliments also go to our chef who came out with one tasty meal after the other. No one went hungry no matter what their dietary preferences were. The retreat grounds exuded a special sacred atmosphere. Thank you to Michael and his loving team of helpers.

—Hilde, WA August 14, 2015

Deep Healing

I am in awe at the transformations that took place both for myself and others—truly an “intensive” like no other. The deep healing on all levels–emotionally, physically and spiritually in such a short period of time was incredible. Since more than one thing cannot occupy a space; it made so much sense for us to clear out the blocks, release them, make peace with them and fill up with what was intended . . . God. We helped and supported each other, both with learning actual techniques for our healer’s “toolbox,” as well as learning to trust our own guidance as healers. Every day was just the right balance of going to the edge and coming back stronger, cleaner, and clearer. It’s impossible to articulate the depths of joy and sadness and how quickly the energy can be shifted from that place of confusion and hopelessness to compassion for self and others, even those we struggle with, when our intention matches our willingness and ability to trust. I finally feel like I can live the life I came here for. I am free from resentments, jealousies, judgments, and the tendency to perpetuate old patterns through traumatizing, neglecting, and sacrificing myself. Things that used to occupy my mind would be difficult to conjure up now. The Reiki, the re-birth and resurrection, our meditation around the bonfire, the tracking exercises, Kundalini yoga, bodywork, EFT, acupressure, and massage . . . there was such a great variety and combination of healing modalities as well as hands-on learning. This was clearly the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Kim TX August 15, 2015

Honored and Grateful

I am so very grateful for the opportunity to have been able to attend this workshop. The time together was most amazing with such a wide range of emotions and activities. The bio-energetic exercises that we did as a group really opened up blockages in my body. I was initially shy since it felt like most people already knew one another but it didn’t take long before their warm, loving ways helped me to feel very much included in the group. I was so honored to work with such courageous spirits. I feel that I grew in leaps and bounds by the time we all said good-bye.

Patti ONT August 19, 2015

Personal Miracles

I cannot thank you enough for the personal miracles I experienced this past week. I noticed after the final magnificent ceremony that I felt hollow, not in an empty, unfulfilled way, but rather like a hollow flute resonant with spirit. So many obstructions released, so much refilling. I cannot recommend this retreat enough. Something deep within has shifted and while I have returned to numerous life challenges, I no longer feel defeated from within. Thank you! On a personal note, thank you so much for the final ceremony and the opportunity to experience singing from that heightened state. It has had a profound impact. I cannot put into words the shifting that has happened as a result and the level of peace that that has brought to me. Of course I still have plenty to work through in that regards, but I am no longer afraid of the outcome of the healing process as I was before and finally KNOW that I can get through to the other side.

—Reanaleia, MT August 14, 2015

Abundance of Love

Michael weaves an amazing tapestry of healing in the 5-day healing intensive workshop. Panicked as I was at first to face myself, my issues and the darkness, somehow with Michael, God, and support from the group, I stayed the course! Thank God I did! How do you describe a miracle in words? Such a great quantity of purging and release was replaced with an abundance of love, tenderness, laughter, and caring. At times it felt like the scariest place (but that was all in my mind and ego) and yet it was one of the safest places I have ever been. The journey to find and face myself was magnificent (bumpy and fear laden but necessary). I am now home and feel lighter and braver. The gratitude I feel is enormous.

Monica FL August 15, 2015

I Feel Divine

As I write this, I feel my crown chakra buzzing pleasantly. My heart-expanding. Towards everybody, everything, and most importantly, towards Myself. I feel the intense heat of Spirit flowing through me, and know I’m connected, and more amazingly, know I will always be this connected whenever I want. And I’ve got a feeling I will be wanting more and more . . . Yesterday, a friend called and I almost blurted, “I feel Divine!” instead of “I am fine.” Gentler I am, with myself. And I know what to do, when a friend asks for helps. Confidently, I instinctively sent EFT healing. And I know it helped. I could feel it, feel her sigh, lean back into the warmth and love. I also appreciated how Michael addressed each problem as it arose; good leadership.

Lisanne FL August 19, 2015


In the East, Buddhas are called the twice-born—or dwija. The first gift of life is through the parents; the second gift we have to give to ourselves. Jesus said to Nicodemus that “Unless you are born again, you will not enter into the Kingdom of my God.” Michael created the most beautiful situation I ever experienced to allow this rebirth to happen within all of us. During the lectures, bio-energetic work, and symbolic exercises of this retreat, I felt we were all “becoming” together—like being “reborn” together. It was so beautiful, I’m at a loss for words. By releasing past issues that were so buried in our psyche and bodies, there was a new space being created within us to be filled with Light. There was this realization of what Jesus meant when he taught that we must die as an ego, die as a personality, die as past, and also die as the mind. We have to let go. Then we are filled with God! Then we are born into being! Thank you, Michael, for creating such a beautiful healing and re-birth for all of us on Easter Day!

Ingrid MI August 15, 2015

Blown Away

I’m still blown away by the healing workshop! I’ve already begun applying the emotional healing techniques in my own practice. In fact, the day after I got home, one of my clients was releasing deep emotions, while I worked on her hip. Thanks to what I learned in this workshop, she didn’t just release, instead, she experienced some real healing. I am always amazed by how much ground we cover in Michael Mirdad’s workshops. Furthermore, the love and mastery he brings to teaching and healing is unsurpassed. I now feel inspired to attend the next healing workshop, to further hone my skills and deepen my understanding, as well as my own healing–something all healers should do.

Carol TX August 15, 2015

Perfect Balance

This healing workshop had a perfect balance between personal healing and learning various modalities. The healing modalities were thorough (not rushed); I particularly enjoyed the EFT and how easy it is to implement in my day. The personal healing/cleansing was truly soul-level. Before I’d even left the haven of Avalon I felt stronger and more grounded. This workshop rounded out one year of intense healing and the results I’m experiencing in my life are indescribable.

Jen FL August 15, 2015

Discover Dimensions

My favorite parts of this workshop include: All of the tracking exercises—especially the ones that showed our core beliefs. I also loved the exercises that help us to see how our beliefs have, and do, affect our lives. I loved the exercises that helped release the hurts and then learning how to refill by imagining how wonderful and different our lives can be! I really enjoyed learning the cranial healing work. I also enjoyed sitting in the sun at the pond, the Easter egg hunt, going to the Church, getting to know everyone, and our ending ceremony! Last but not least, I enjoyed connecting with nature and “learning how to ask and discover the many dimensions hidden beneath each thing we can touch or see.”

—Jacqueline, ONT August 14, 2015

Beautiful Energy

Every time I’ve attended a workshop at Avalon, I feel as if the entire time has been scripted especially for me, from the teaching/exercises, to the fellow attendees, even down to the weather and nature. What a beautiful blend of energy coming together to help me heal, to help me to grow, to help me see that God is all around me, not somewhere else waiting for me. This workshop was the best! The group seemed to blend so easily together. As always, Michael conducted the workshop with just the right amount of balance, some difficult, challenging moments (namely the emotional harvesting) and some wonderful, soft moments (massages). Again, I am amazed at the amount of ground we cover is such a short period of time. Surely we were there for several weeks, not just several days. I found all of the exercises extremely helpful in the healing process. As far as the bioenergetics exercises, I found them to be very effective . . . not always enjoyable , but very effective. I also enjoyed learning EFT . . . I love that it’s such a simple process which gives dramatic results.

Sally TX August 19, 2015

Surrounded with Love

Before the retreat started, I was feeling a scary little girl, with insecurities, with too much pain in my soul. But I knew that I had to be there. I even had a dream wherein God showed to me the place in a dream. He showed me that was far away from home, I saw the green of the pine trees, I saw the lake, I saw the water. In my dream I asked questions: How I am going there? What should I do? God showed to me that was so easy to get there. After this dream I met Michael and I decided to go to the retreat. Being there was a beautiful dream, the warmth of the house, the freshness of the air, the purest of the water, and the most important thing, I was surrounded with love! In the workshop, I went back to my childhood, feeling the same pain that I had at that time. I feel the pain for the absence of my dad and I lived again the hell of being in a dark room. But this time I could also feel safe and happy. I could feel God’s presence around the whole place. I enjoyed walking around the property, to be at the labyrinth, to be at the garden, and to hear the sound of the water. I enjoyed how everybody took such great care of each other, how they showed their unconditional love, and yet allowed each one of us to have our feelings. I also learned 1. To love myself in all dimensions: body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit. 2. To understand that the past and the future don’t exist, therefore I will not be worry about them. 3. To live the present surrounded by love in union with Mother Father God. 4. To be a healer of myself and to heal others. 5. To bring peace, respect, compassion, in one word unconditional love to everybody else that is around me. 6. To be very thankful with God for my life, others life and this beautiful world.

Luz FL August 19, 2015

Extraordinary Opportunity

The Healing Intensive is an extraordinary opportunity for people to learn, practice and experience first-hand a variety of simple but powerful techniques to heal the body, mind and spirit. Michael’s authentically holistic approach to health encourages healing at the soul level, which accomplishes thorough and complete healing and release of physical and emotional trauma and abuse. The attendees learned to clear issues from the body and mind from traumas involving anger, terror, grief, abandonment, rejection, frustration, and fear. Besides learning hands-on healing techniques like EFT, massage, acupressure, and Reiki, we also learned techniques for tracking emotions, beliefs, and pain, care of the body, meditation and prayer for healing and spiritual refilling. This healing workshop showed us all how to create a joyful, productive, and abundant life. Michael’s teaching style is highly motivational, deeply inspired, loving, compassionate, injected with lightness and humor and at all the right times. Healing ourselves and others is the most important work we can do, and Michael makes powerful techniques accessible to everyone willing to learn and grow.

Martha VA August 15, 2015

Healing Process

Dear Michael: I want to offer my deepest appreciation and gratitude to you and all of the attendees at this year’s healing intensive. From beginning till end, it provided me the space to have amazing personal insights into my own issues and gave me the tools to dive further into the healing process with my own clients. I love how we managed to integrate deep emotional healing from tracking exercises that tied everything from my body pain, to chronic emotional emptiness, and core beliefs established long ago about how I feel separate from God all into one cathartic (ah ha) epiphany. And then we took a break by occasionally switching the focus of the workshop to intimate connection with others through subtle body work, deep spiritual meditations, and moments of hysterical laughter.

—Angela, TX August 14, 2015

Peaceful and Energizing

The healing workshop was amazing!!! Much deeper than I expected. The property to start with was beautiful, the energy incredible. The house, the workshop, the little river, and the beautiful peaceful garden with waterfalls and ponds and walking paths set the tone for a safe, peaceful, energizing and healing experience. The workshop was coordinated and organized in a way that only one with insight, knowledge, spirituality and perceptiveness could pull off. The days and evenings were full of activities that flowed in a seamless manner alternating between exceptional deep healing exercises, learning and practicing various healing modalities, and those that filled us up with food, dance, laughter, exercise, body work and a sense of togetherness. I cannot believe the amount of learning, deep self exploration, and healing that Michael was able to combine in 5 days. And I will not forget the laughter, the tears, the deep messages received, the support shown to each other, the sense of oneness, and the safety and compassion of this very special workshop. Each exercise was so unique, extremely well thought out, and powerful in their own way. This workshop has re-opened me, and allowed energy and love to flow through me again.

Laura ONT August 15, 2015


The Healing Workshop was definitely an “Intensive!” So much was given and so much was received. I observed myself going through the process of resistance, my patterns, denial, ego, and finally acceptance and gratitude. And I concluded that you, Michael, must be a genius to be able to “read” each of us and know just when and how to manage our learning and processing.

Christina OR August 15, 2015

Altered State

I really enjoyed the Healing Workshop. I loved getting to know everyone there and it was great to have so many healing methods brought together in one place. It made so much sense to me and moved me along well in my understanding of healing arts. One highlight for me was doing the massage . . . to simply love the body. The rest follows. This morning I added a little breath-work to my “tracking” exercise, thinking I would just take the top off some feelings and I found myself experiencing very deep emotions and profound healing. This workshop also taught me a great deal about emotional healing. Now, I feel like I’m walking around in an altered state and every now and then I’ll realize that I’m mentally in sync with everything around me.

Amelia OR August 15, 2015

Beautiful Meditations

The Healing Intensive is the 3rd of Michael Mirdad’s workshops that I have attended. Each has been wonderful with its own unique emphasis and some commonalities. Each time I return home feeling deeply and permanently transformed to a greater level of peace, integration, strength, clarity, ease and love in my life and relationships. I am so grateful! I love the energy at The Avalon Retreat Center! The creek, the woods, the labyrinth, landscaping, and fountains all lend to a peaceful, grounding and magical environment perfect for the workshops. I always enjoy the movement exercises – yoga, qigong, breath work and dance. The meditations were beautiful and rich. Highlights of the course work for me include learning acupressure, a deeper understanding of cranio-sacral therapy, and increased understanding and application of tracking exercises. I especially value the clear, distilled system for attaining deep, whole being, soul-level healing. I love how Michael revisits and ties together the commonalities of the teachings in just the right amount. Overall, I appreciate how simple, streamlined and yet profound each of the teachings are, making it easy to integrate the totality of the learning into daily life and healing work. Also very meaningful to me are all of the staff and attendee contributions. I am so impressed and grateful for each soul’s willingness to show up with their gifts, and candidly with their challenges alike. I loved seeing people who didn’t consider themselves healers or intuitive drop in and share their gifts easily with each of the exercises. The container and each soul’s presence provided a safe place to go deep, balanced with a lot of play and levity. I am so grateful for the time with each of you and hope to deepen our connection as we continue on our journey.

—Kristen, OR August 14, 2015

Serene Space

The Healing workshop was MIRACULOUS! I had been waking up for months (and on and off for years) with anxiety, nausea, and knots in my stomach from past trauma’s being re-triggered. The first morning back after the workshop I awoke with an overwhelming sense of peace and was breathing deeper and softer than I had in a long time. I recalled thinking of a particular experience I had during the workshop and I smiled. Deep in my belly I felt love, peace, joy, and wholeness all swirling around like this warm ball of energy. Wow! How did it happen? I’m sure it was a combination of Michael’s exercises, discussions, meditations, body work and tracking. All the while feeling nurtured in this beautiful serene space and eating such lovingly prepared food. It all worked synergistically to access the most important knowledge about my core patterns stemming from a deeply buried core wound. That kind of enlightenment (ah-ha, Oh My God, moment!) is PRICELESS! Thank you Michael, from the bottom of my heart, for your guidance and encouragement in helping me to heal and move on to a better life. I’m also deeply grateful to the other attendees for their courage and strength in facing such painful memories and their dedication to healing their souls. What an honor to hold space with you and be a part of such a beautiful transformation. Everyone looked like a newly-blossomed, radiant rose, by the end of the workshop.

—Judy, FL August 14, 2015

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Keeping Me On Track

Thanks for making time for me/us today. You are an amazing individual and it was very refreshing and powerful being in the presence of someone as in touch and real as you. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and I was reminded of my truth and what is important/real/divine in a world that’s so quick to distract me from it. You are a blessing to the world and I look forward to being in your presence again.

Thomas TX

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