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An excerpt from Michael Mirdad's article "Don't Just Be Good, Be Good For Something" - March eNewsletter.

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An excerpt from Michael Mirdads article Dont Just Be Good, Be Good For Something - March eNewsletter.

For the full article:  

To get the articles and other announcements via email each month, subscribe at:

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Recharged and Enlightened

“I like Michael’s easy-going style of presentation. He obviously knows the Cayce materials well and references it often. I left the workshop feeling recharged and enlightened.”

Amy Wong, North Carolina Triangle Team Coordinator

A Huge Success

“Our regional conference featuring Michael Mirdad was a huge success. Attendance was high, and best of all, it was a much younger crowd! Furthermore, our attendee evaluations were very positive.”

Maureen Stimson, Orange County, California Regional Coordinator

Practical Information

“Michael gave us some of the most practical information we have ever heard from our program speakers. He brought the Edgar Cayce readings into focus in a way we could immediately put into practice. The Told Coast Team is looking forward to a repeat visit.”

Ron Feldheim, Southeast Region Retreat Coordinator

Very Charismatic Speaker

“Michael Mirdad is a very charismatic speaker with a masterful knowledge of many spiritual traditions. He skillfully compares, con- trasts, and explains them all.”

Winifred Howie, Boston Regional Coordinator

Changed in Profound Ways

“Michael Mirdad is not your typical ‘new age teacher.’ With a mix of genuine humor and considerable insight, Michael is able to turn conventional metaphysical thinking on its head and allow us to ponder time-honored truths in new and transcendent ways. Michael has had a life long interest in spiritual matters and almost everyone who comes into contact with him is changed in, often times, profound ways.”

Peter Woodbury, M.S.W., International Lecturer and Spiritual Counselor

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Life Changing

Hello Michael! When I met you for the first time, I had no idea that this meeting would change my life completely! Today, as I am growing in my relationships with God, my husband, my family, and friends. As I am feeling completely full of love, again I would like to thank God for this soul meeting between us, as well as thank you for all these changes in me! I pray to god to keep your light even brighter so you can keep giving to the ones that are all still searching for love.

Pilar ONT