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Below are books featuring quotes or stories about Michael Mirdad:

Flicker of Light – Barbara Anne Nixon

The following is an edited excerpt from Flicker of Light, a book released in Australia by Barbara Anne Nixon. Barbara Anne is a respected resident of Wagga Wagga, Australia who believes her destiny is to help show humanity how to orchestrate world peace. This book details how she reached several […]

Initiation into Miracles – Nigel Taylor

The following are excerpts from the book, Initiations into Miracles by Nigel Taylor. Nigel originally came from Perth Australia and after building a great deal of international recognition he moved to the United States. Nigel has passed through 45 lands, studying and teaching with cultures as diverse as the Australian […]

One Woman’s Journey – Dawn Kelly

The following is an edited excerpt from the book, “One Woman’s Journey” by Dawn Kelly. The book is a pictorial story of a woman’s personal and spiritual journey through life. Dawn uses the metaphors of art and tai chi, combined with spiritual quotations to illustrate a woman’s self discovery and […]

Survival Instinct of a Woman – Linda Gail

The following is an edited excerpt from Survival Instinct of a Woman. This book is a true story of a woman’s journey from a living hell of drugs and prostitution that culminates in a terrible skiing accident. However, this accident leads to an encounter with Michael Mirdad, leading her to […]

Question from a reader

Dear Kit: Many thanks for your email and question. As mentioned in the “You’re Not Going Crazy . . .” book, feeling as though you are going through seemingly endless cycles of healing the same old issues is actually relatively normal. I know it gets “old” having to deal with issues of the past but if the issues were healed…

Question About Michael’s Photo

We’ve had many, many dozens of comments and questions regarding that “publicity” photo. Due to the white luminosity around the head and the blue eyes (an eye color I don’t naturally have), people are asking if the photo was touched up and the answer is . . . NO! The story is simple: when it was decided…

Practicing Forgiveness

As you know, everyone is talking about the future of our country and our economy. My reply is to say, “Are you doing so well with today that you should be focused on the future?” Whether we are discussing today or tomorrow, the answer is always the same . . […]

A Course In Megafools

The following is a much-needed article addressing A Course in Miracles students and all students of spirituality concerning the recent disputes between various Course-related authors and “teachers” of A Course in Miracles (also referred to as ACIM or the Course). It’s probably more appropriate to refer to most of these […]

All Things Must Pass: The Art Of Non-Attachment

When you were born, your family was already fated to manifest your deepest fears and unresolved issues from former lifetimes—at least for most of us. Buddha (and Jesus) nevertheless taught that whether you like your life (past or present) or not, it makes no difference—in either case, it will result […]

Are We Gods and Goddesses?

Jesus, the Christ, made many unbelievable statements during his time on Earth, some statements being very upsetting to those who prefer keeping people in a limited state of mind. One of his most startling statements, however, was in response to those who didn’t like people referring to him as “God” […]

Are You Truly Happy?

When you look at all aspects of your life and ask yourself if you are truly happy, what is your answer? Sadly, for most people the answer is “no.” Some people might even say “yes” in regard to some areas of their life but “no” in regard to other areas. But […]

Awakening of Christ Consciousness

THE AWAKENING OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS The message or teachings of Christ Consciousness have been alive since the beginning of time. The first civilization on Earth to nurture this consciousness was that of the Lemurians–the people who once populated the lost continent of the Pacific Ocean. It was here that Goddesses, […]

Complacency: The Path of the Living Dead

As most people know, I tend to be somewhat direct with my teachings and teaching style. It’s part of “Living Mastery” to be loving, honest, direct, clear, and concise. This is one of the reasons why I am sometimes so blunt when it comes to suggesting that people prioritize their […]

Creating Fulfilling Relationships

Despite the countless number of books, seminars and years of work towards finding a better way to experience relationships, the relationship struggle is still on everyone’s mind and in everyone’s heart. Relationships are at the core of all that we experience in this world. Every thought, feeling, word and action […]

Diet & Supplements For Body & Soul

DIET & SUPPLEMENTS FOR BODY & SOUL The topic of Nutritional Health is one we hear about in the media on a regular basis. Having a healthy diet is essential to having a balanced, spiritual lifestyle. Students on the spiritual path are encouraged to implement at least a minor level […]

Divine Feminine

Among the ancient Gnostic teachings, there is a term or name that is surrounded by some of the deepest teachings in all of mysticism. There is an entire mythology around “Sophia,” which teaches us about the journey of our soul. The essence of the Sophia myth tells of her fall […]

Earth Changes Update

Hello Everyone! As you have seen and heard from my teachings and writings, there are generally three levels of consciousness or kingdoms: Heaven, Earth, and Eden (which exists between the first two). God exists in Heaven, humans on Earth, and several beings—including the demi-gods of Ancient Greece and the many […]

Energy Systems

When a light burns out, you change the bulb, you flip the switch and you are again illuminated with warmth, clarity and brightness. Other lights around you may even seem pale in comparison. Similarly, the human aura is an energy that radiates both warmth and light. The light that is […]

Forgiveness: The Highest Expression of Love

The highest expression of love is not romance, but forgiveness. Any ordinary human being can love someone, but it takes an extraordinary human being to love and forgive. The only thing in this world that can bring you all that you could possibly want is forgiveness. This is because forgiveness […]


It’s impossible to experience a True Spiritual Awakening without understanding and applying Gratitude. Although it might sound like a simple thing, Gratitude can only be experienced and developed in a true state of Love, Service, and Humility. One of the major steps towards Christ Consciousness is that of Acceptance which […]

Greed In Spiritual Teachers

If you are at all familiar with me or my teaching, it’s rare indeed to hear me spend any time on most worldly issues like politics, the economy, and such. Nevertheless, after much deliberation, I feel compelled to share my thoughts about something, namely the huge emphasis over the last […]


No matter how far along you are on your spiritual path, you might still have those days when you are not sure if the “guidance” that you receive is real, accurate and for your “higher good”. Guidance comes to us in various forms but we all develop a general pattern […]

Has Everyone Gone Crazy?

It’s commonly been said that there is a fine line between genius and insanity and this has never been as true as it is now. As the time arrives wherein illusion becomes a thing of the past, we are all drawn into a cleansing of the false aspects of ourselves, […]

Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

It’s that time of the year: a favorite to some and the least favorite to others. But most people either love it or hate it, with little middle ground. Nevertheless, it is without question, the most popular time of the year. Think about it . . . the fall and winter […]

Healing: Heart and Soul

The words “Healing” and “Miracles” are synonymous. They are synonymous because healing does not exist and cannot occur without miracles. On the surface, this may not seem so. If, for example, we take an aspirin and it deadens the pain of a headache, we might mistake the lessening of pain […]

Healing Power Of Affection

There are numerous ways that healers and miracle workers claim to transform the health and lives of their clients. But we almost never hear about the simple, yet profound, effects of loving human affection. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from clients or friends or even […]

Healing Trauma

Have you committed time to healing your life and growing beyond some past issue that has, thus far, limited your ability to feel whole and alive? If you are in a body, you probably answered yes to this question. Believe it or not, nearly everyone on the planet who is […]

How’s Your Love Life

The greatest thing a person can experience is Love. One of the most important expressions of Love is intimacy. And sharing a healthy “sacred” sexual experience is one of the most powerful, physical expressions of both love and intimacy. After all, “Where two or more are gathered as one and […]

Intimacy & Sexuality

“And the two shall be one,” is one of the oldest descriptions of a relationship. This often misunderstood quote is frequently thought to mean that two halves will total one whole, complete person. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was meant to say that two beings are sharing […]

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Those of you who have been students of mine for a few years or more, might remember the one and only other time I have shared the following story. And, for various reasons, it feels like a good time to share it again because, although I love teaching the numerous […]

Live Fully or You Are Not Fully Alive!

Do you ever get tired of hearing people talking the spiritual talk but not living it fully? I’m not just referring to the usual problem of people not “walking their talk.” I am referring to those who only live their spirituality in their head. Of course it’s wonderful that they […]

Dealing With Regret

How to deal with, or heal, negative emotions is one of the most controversial topics in the self-help movement—particularly such emotions as “regret.” Scriptures tell us that, “The sorrow [desire to change one’s ways] that is according to the will of God, produces a repentance [change and amends] but without […]

Loving Self

There are only three relationships you can have: one is with God; one is with Self; and one is with Others. To nurture a relationship with God involves the practice of prayer and meditation, as well as being as loving as humanly possible. The second relationship-the one with Self-involves the […]

Mother’s Day: Finding Balance

It’s Mother’s Day!!! It’s a day of honoring the mother…but what most people don’t realize is that there are three different mothers: Our Divine (Heavenly) Mother, Our Earth Mother, and Our Human Mother. THE DIVINE MOTHER: Do not confuse the Divine Mother with the imperfections of your human mother. No […]

Purpose to Life’s Tests

There are seven major initiations (tests) that all human beings experience on their journey towards wholeness. These tests are placed in our path by us, not God, for our soul’s growth. These tests do not occur only once, but instead recycle around and around, bringing us to higher and higher […]

Sacred Sites

Two thousand years ago, humanity received a gift in the embodiment of the birth of Christ. This blessed moment brought the highest of vibrations into the physical realm and with it came the potential remembrance of our Divinity for all who choose to accept it. Thirty-three years later the physical […]

Saint Francis of Assisi: Practicing a Life of Peace & Love

It’s easy for us to claim to be on some sort of “spiritual path” but an entirely different thing to “walk our talk.” If we take a moment to look at our life and ask our self if we are truly practicing our spirituality, many of us will find that […]

Secret Power of the Spoken Word

Although most people do not consciously realize it, one of the best ways to diffuse energy about something is to talk about it. You may have noticed, for example, that when you are hurting inside about something but then talk about it, it tends to lessen the pain. Unfortunately there […]

Sexual Healing

There is a form of healing and counseling that is effective for bringing healing and balance to our life, via our root chakra, which includes sexual shame. Yet, despite the success of “sexual therapy,” it is still frowned upon by so-called open-minded healers and therapists. Despite the controversy and edginess […]

Signs and Synchronicities

There are many ways to know that you are growing in consciousness and eventually becoming ONE with Universal Consciousness. One of the surest signs, however, is experiencing an increased occurrence of “synchronicity” in your life. Synchronicity can be defined as “the occurrence of two or more seemingly unrelated events occurring […]

Soul Mates & Twin Souls

A Soul Mate relationship is an ongoing relation with another individual whom a soul connects with again and again in various times and places. A soul mate is definitely not to be confused with the term “Twin Soul”–which typically represents an individual’s “other half” that somehow enables that person to […]

Spiritual Teachers & Healers

In this new age, we know that in some respects we are all teachers. When properly understood, it means that we are all teaching and learning from each other—in each and every moment. This is especially true given that we are all one and simply mirroring different aspects of ourselves […]

Trust Heals

TRUST HEALS BUT DOUBT KILLS Most of us who walk the spiritual path will inevitably find ourselves plagued by “doubt.” Where does the thought or voice of doubt come from? Is it God or is it the ego? Obviously, more often than not, doubt comes from the ego. It is […]

Truth Will Set You Free

When we say, “This is my truth,” what exactly are we referring to? If you have your truth and I have mine, then it means that there are two truths or, more accurately, seven billion truths on planet Earth. No wonder we can’t get along or agree on anything. And no wonder why Jesus explained, “Where two […]

We Love to Hate What We Love

Have you ever noticed that all too often you find yourself liking or admiring a particular quality in a person only to find that before too long, this very same quality has become something that hurts or bothers you in some way. Usually, without even realizing it, the behavior that […]

What Ever Happened to Your Hopes & Dreams?

Do you have any personal hopes and dreams or, like many folks, have you given up on such “childish” concepts? Many of your dreams may have passed away but perhaps you still have a few left. And if you do have any hopes and dreams, are you clear on what […]

What is True Friendship?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how many TRUE friends you have? Before you answer, first eliminate from your list, people that are really more like acquaintances and not actual friends. Next, eliminate family members, since your relationship with them is not based primarily on friendship. Then, eliminate anyone […]

Year 2012 & The Birthing Of Christ Consciousness!

We are approaching the year 2012 . . . the year most ancient civilizations foretold to be the end of civilization as we know it. And you can bet you will be hearing a great deal about it in conferences, magazines, cable shows, and of course, on the internet. But […]

Giving Thanks

It’s that time of the year when we are reminded to “Give Thanks.” But before we reflect on the ever-so-powerful effects of having an “attitude of gratitude,” let’s review how and why giving thanks is so important to our spiritual and personal well-being. Giving thanks is much like saying “yes!” […]

Easter: A Time of Crucifixions and Resurrections

It’s Easter time…a time that symbolizes death & rebirth. Christmas symbolizes the constant potential of the Christ being born into our lives, externally, and is heralded by gifts and angels. Easter, however, symbolizes the birth of Christ internally and is often heralded by betrayals, attacks, and judgments. The more healing, love, and forgiveness we can experience […]

Love Has Forgotten No One – Gary Renard

The following is an edited except for the book Love has Forgotten No One by Gary Renard. [In response to numerous articles by various authors and A Course in Miracles teachers who were criticizing Gary Renard and the success of his book, The Disappearance of the Universe…] In regard to […]

True Holiday Innocence

What is Innocence? Is it naivety? Is it seeing life through rose-colored glasses? Is it being vulnerable–like a human child alone in a jungle? Most people assume that Innocence is the same as being frail and susceptible to harm. But, in reality, Innocence is our original state of being–our Divine […]

Transitions: Pathways to the Life and World Your Soul Desires – Bonnie Hutchinson

The following quotes are excerpts from Transitions: Pathways to the Life and World Your Soul Desires by Bonnie Hutchinson. At a friend’s home, I picked up a little book by Michael Mirdad called “You’re Not Going Crazy . . . You’re Just Waking Up: The Five Stages of the Soul Transformation Process” and […]

What is Love?

It’s Although there is really only One world, or One reality–God’s–in our world of duality, we seem to have two realities, which are as follows: In Spirit, everything is Eternal, Unlimited, and Unconditional–including Love. Therefore, Divine Love is Eternal, Unlimited, and Unconditional. On Earth, however, everything changes, is limited, and […]

Resist Not Evil: Healing Duality in Our Lives

[Note: Although this article is longer than usual, it all seemed so necessary. I hope you agree. Please do your best to read it slowly and thoroughly. Although it is the most personal material I have ever written, the majority of the content calls everyone to do some major soul-searching […]


Long before the Christians celebrated Christmas, the pagans celebrated the birth of the Son/Sun of God. And even before the pagans, nature itself was always celebrating the end of winter and the birth of a new day. Our story, however, of the birth of Christ, begins with a group of […]

Keeping The Faith

In case you haven’t noticed, the world continues to go through incredible changes but this is because consciousness continues to go through incredible changes. In other words, the world is merely mirroring what we all are going through in consciousness. It was never just a fad to talk about things […]

Old Lessons & New Inspirations

The following are some suggestions on dealing with the old and rebuilding the new. In this article, I will share these as “LESSONS” and relate them to my personal experiences. Lesson #1: People May not Always Love and Support us but we must learn to Love and Support Ourselves.

Be Careful What You Ask For

When we ask for something from the universe, we tend to need to earn it by living it. In general, what this means is that when we are asking for something from the universe, we will be asked to rise to become the embodiment of that thing.

New Spirituality Part 4 Video DVD Released

We are excited to announce the release of a new DVD! Spirituality Part IV is an inspiring video collection of lectures by Michael Mirdad on the 4 new topics.

Dealing With Emotions

Dealing with negative emotions (e.g. guilt, shame, and/or regret) is one of the most controversial topics in the self-help movement. For example, when it comes to dealing with regret, some recommend that we should just ignore the past and move on, while others recommend years of therapy. Of course the […]

Churches: Do or Die!

Did you know that if we remove the parts of the Gospels wherein Jesus performed miracles or taught parables, what we would have leftover are the records of his actual day-to-day comments and/or teachings? And out of all of these remaining teachings, a huge portion of Jesus’ time (at least one-third) was spent arguing with the local priests and authorities.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Recently, an event called, “God Talks” was premiered to the world. This event is like the popular internet show called, “Ted Talks,” which features very brief talks by various people about pivotal moments in their life. The difference here is that “God Talks” focuses on sharing raw, personal experiences that […]

Reincarnation: Past Lives, Lived in the Present

All students on the spiritual path eventually are confronted with the question of the reality and/or relevance of reincarnation. If your spiritual path has any roots in antiquity or has an influence from the Far East, you are likely to know about the theory of reincarnation. This theory basically states […]

Getting Our Priorities Straight

When I am on tour, teaching in any venue around the country (or world), I usually teach at whatever level the group is at-adding something more however in order to encourage them to stretch their minds a bit. But, being at Unity of Sedona for several years now is different. Here, the […]

Do You Really Want To Be Special?

If there is one, single thing that most often makes or breaks our relationships (in every form), it’s our ability (or inability) to take responsibility. As the old adage goes, “Know Thyself!” To truly be responsible, means to truly know thyself. This can be accomplished at two levels: spiritual and […]

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

There are generally only two types of experiences we usually have on earth: “good experiences” and “bad experiences.” Good experiences typically are the ones where we feel good, loved, appreciated, creative, hopeful, and healthy. Bad experiences typically are the ones where we feel bad, unloved, unappreciated, stuck, hopeless, and unhealthy. But […]

Are You Ready For More Light?

Well dear friends, we are on our way. Although the world seems in turmoil, we (at Grail Productions and the Foundation for Christ Consciousness) tend to use such times to gather inspiration from Spirit, followed by manifesting more Light on earth for all. So remember to use such times NOT to […]

Love Loves Love

God (which is love) loves love. This means that Love, loves love. It also means that the Spirit of Love, loves to see, feel, and experience love. Our ego (or fear), on the other hand, loathes love, which is to say that there is a part of us that gets turned off […]

Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

Shakespeare once said, “There are more things in Heaven and earth than are dreamt of in all your philosophies.” What he was saying was that there are more things (levels and layers of life and consciousness) in this universe than we can possibly imagine. Multi-dimensional consciousness means we are accessing more than one […]

Dark Ages or a Renaissance?

We’re not going crazy . . . we’re just waking up! It’s actually quite normal for us to feel like we’re going crazy when we are going though dramatic shifts into higher consciousness. This applies not only to individuals but also to the entire human race. That’s right! We, as a race […]

The Birth of the Inner Christ

Happy Holy-Days to you all! It’s during this time of year that nearly one-third of Earth’s population celebrates Christmas. This celebration focuses on the birth of Christ, or more accurately, the birth of the baby Jesus–who became the Christ What most people don’t realize is that Christmas is not merely to […]

Transformation Takes Courage

When St. Paul said, “I die daily,” he was clearly referring to the death of the old self AND his ability to fully experience changes or losses of any kind in the fullest way possible. He also advised, “I am crucified [changed] with Christ: and so [although part of me dies] I nevertheless […]

Relationships: WTF?!

In my time of teaching for over 35 years, there is no doubt that one of the most popular and crucial topics is that of “relationships.” In just as long a period of doing private sessions, once again, the topic of relationships is at the top of the list–not just partnerships but […]

Don’t Just Be Good, Be Good For Something

There is a common phrase amongst many advanced students on the spiritual path, which is, “Do the next ‘right’ thing.” What this means is that when you feel conflicted and are not sure what move to make or which decision to choose, simply take a stand to “do the next […]

The Challenges of Channeling

The best definition of the word “channel” is that “someone is being a channel between two things”—two people, two worlds, two dimensions, and so forth. Another term for a channel would be a “bridge.” And ideally, we are all becoming channels/bridges of God into this world—and are doing so as […]

Truth or Dare

Within the spirituality movement, there is a lot of talk about “living our truth.” And there are a lot of people who think that simply by making this statement, they are actually accomplishing it. But how can people live their truth if they know not what truth is?  So let’s clear […]

Living Mastery

There are basically three types of people on earth: Those who are asleep, oblivious to the deeper meaning of life; those who are waking-up and are attempting to experience some greater form of spirituality or self-awareness; and those who are far enough along on the spiritual path to become Living […]

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A Masterly Explanation of the Primary Tenets of the Course

With his new book, The Heart of A Course in Miracles: A Guide for Understanding and Applying the Course’s 12 Primary Concepts, Michael Mirdad gives readers a masterly explanation of the primary tenets of the Course. In doing so, he raises the reader to a new level of awareness. After you read it, I believe you’ll be empowered to more often experience your true nature. I highly recommend this important book.

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