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Wow! Although I enjoy all your articles in the newsletters, the last one (on Mastery) blew me away. You not only clarified questions I did not realize I had but, confirmed spirituality is about living the truth and not labeling myself. For me, this was a powerful article and reminds my Ego to take a hike.

May 11, 2016

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Newsletter Article Spoke to My Heart

Michael, your Grail Productions newsletter article spoke my heart in so many ways, and I want to tell you how much I appreciate your writing it. To be spiritual leaders in a church is not an easy task, and there are many pits into which one can fall. As we are all experiencing intense refining of our beings, especially at this time of being bathed in such powerful frequencies constantly streaming in; holding the focus of living our lives in integrity, clarity, and peace with everyone around us can be a challenge. This challenge intensifies further when a certain cash flow (or other material things) is needed to sustain even a simple lifestyle, not to mention to keep a church running smoothly. This keeping up with the physical world can be overwhelming at times for those who really are dedicated to living the LOVE in their true calling…but we must keep our focus that there is nothing more important than being the LOVE we are with everyone in everything, no matter what situation presents itself…and I see this truly is the desire of your heart. So thank you! Also, we all need to feel the loving embrace of our Light Family. I want to thank you for the work you do to continue to support the connection of LOVE at Unity and to keep it a safe and joyful place to embrace one another Heart to Heart and Spirit to Spirit. We are blessed to be a part of this family in all the ways we can.

M AZ October 19, 2015

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Articles Touch Me in Beautiful Ways

Your newsletter articles touch me in different beautiful ways…there is a silent honoring and constant support for your path of Loving and Being God as the most true and integral expression…so many of your personal examples I too have experienced… including all the challenges of leading a community. I never commercialized my life to prove that “creating money” is really not such a big thing and have met quite a lot of spiritual people who are in it for creating wealth in the form of money. I’ve never seen this in you and this makes me smile and happy to see and feel God’s presence. Your blissful presence is so strong in our world…so feel embraced in this Love.

Mario October 19, 2015

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Inspiring Transparency

Michael, your stories are often consistent with my own internal insights and I find myself nodding and smiling as I read along. Your discussion about transparency in this message prompted me to start sharing my own transparency.

Jeannie October 19, 2015

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Awesome Newsletter!

Awesome newsletter, Michael. People do what people do. Until they don’t. Very clear. It’s helpful to see and understand the different reactions people have to a Light that is beyond the personal. And it’s important maintain integrity and allegiance to that Light no matter what different reactions are. I have been quite puzzled by this and your article brings some clarity to it. Sometimes people do shy away from this Light even though it is only means the greatest benefit, healing and love for them. Sometimes they are terrified or angered by it. Sometimes they can’t see it at all. And even more often they mistake the messenger as a person for the Light and mistake what they are loving and attracted to, projecting the Light inside themselves onto a teacher, guru, guide or friend and ignoring what is shinning so brilliantly right inside their own hearts. I too have experienced all these things and what you have written helps clarify it. As a teacher I have been pretty good about directing my students back toward their own Light and encouraging this seeing when they get too hung up on projecting. I’m happy about this. And although I’ve witnessed strange reactions (e.g. anger, rejection, fear, avoidance, etc…), something inside of me no longer gets upset by it, which shows some growth in me. You personally have have gone through a whirlwind of challenges here in Sedona but you are living this transparency, innocence and vulnerability that is necessary to transcend it all. And the Light does what it does, which is beyond my understanding but makes me truly happy. God Bless you, Michael. You have been and continue to be such a wonderful example to us all in so many ways. I am grateful Light has chosen to come before us in this way. Sedona is very blessed.

Peter October 19, 2015

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The day before the Mastery and Healing Intensive began, I set an intention that I would expand my consciousness, heal the past, and have a clearer vision of what’s next for me. I achieved all of that and so much more. I was able to dismantle two very old, outworn beliefs that have been blocking me, and by Saturday, I was already seeing new positive, tangible results, which are leading me very clearly into the next phase of my life. The intensive was full of great information, fun experiences, and amazing connections, especially a deeper connection to God and my Self, as well as many new deeper friendships. I gained a greater sense of my own soul’s purpose, and a clearer understanding of how to live it more fully and prosperously.

Linda AZ

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