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Love and Forgiveness are at the heart of every spiritual, philosophical, and soul-centered psychological teaching. And yet, the true meaning and application of love and forgiveness still somehow eludes us. Michael Mirdad's recently released book, The Book of Love and Forgiveness, offers a clear, concise, yet deep understanding of Love, Judgment, and Forgiveness which releases us from judgment and all of its harmful effects. Get your copy here: ... See MoreSee Less

Love and Forgiveness are at the heart of every spiritual, philosophical, and soul-centered psychological teaching. And yet, the true meaning and application of love and forgiveness still somehow eludes us. Michael Mirdads recently released book, The Book of Love and Forgiveness, offers a clear, concise, yet deep understanding of Love, Judgment, and Forgiveness which releases us from judgment and all of its harmful effects. Get your copy here:

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Carmen Rae WeitzelI took Michael's last workshop with my boyfriend. It was "life changing" for both of us. Highly recommended if you haven't taken his classes. Michael is a gift from the universe. He truly channels spirit when writing and teaching. I can only learn from him, as hopefully we all teachers to one another.

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youre-not-going-crazyBelow are reviews for the book You’re Not Going Crazy …You’re Just Waking UP! by Michael Mirdad.

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Positive Outlook

“I found this book during a hard time in my life, when everything seemed to fall apart and just as the title implies, I thought I was going to go crazy! One thing after another, without any rhyme or reason, and I just couldn’t understand!

This book greatly helped me through this time, giving me a positive outlook on these situations which I thought no good could come of. By the end of this rather short little book, I was ready to face a new chapter in my life with my head held high, rather than being afraid of more negative situations being thrown at me.

Once I stepped back and looked at everything in my life from the perspective given by Michael Mirdad, I was able to see the big picture and the universal reasons behind everything that was going on. In the end, I was given the “push” I was so badly in need of in life, and once I accepted this things began to smooth out almost immediately, and I now feel I am closer to where I should be in my life.

It may seem overkill to attribute so much to a book, but I do owe much to Michael Mirdad and this amazing insight, which was just what I needed! I am not trying to publicize the book itself, O.K. maybe I am, but I hope that through sharing my experience others who believe they may be going through what I did will look into it, and possibly find the same help I did. I wish good luck to such individuals, and hope you find the peace you’re searching for, whether it be here, or another source.” August 14, 2015

Phenomenally Useful Book

“In the preface of the book, the author shares some common things people say that are often a sign of this soul transformation process in action. Examples from the book include:
“I’m so lost.”
“My life is falling apart.”
“I’m married, but I’m in love with someone else.”
“I’m losing my house (job, mind, etc.).”
“I’m so confused; I don’t know which end is up anymore.”
“I feel guided to make some changes; but I  have it so good, I must be crazy.”
As is described in the book, “It’s as though your psyche is a chalice, or cup, that needs to be emptied of old toxic materials so that it can be re-filled with the fresh waters of life, or new opportunities to live life with more love. Regardless of how long you’ve been on any spiritual path or not, if you find yourself feeling like your life is totally falling apart or going to pieces as if your life is being dismantled, if you find yourself feeling empty and lost, in shock or depressed at the tremendous loss of something that felt really important to you, or if you find yourself feeling completely and utterly disoriented now that you have no idea what to do next or where to go from here, this is a phenomenally useful book. Even if you’re not currently in any sort of breakdown, there’s a good chance that someday you will. In the meantime, there are some really helpful things you can do to prepare in advance for what is to come, learn what to do when the transformation strikes, and even things like what to tell your friends so that they can best support you in the process. I’d definitely recommend buying this book. It’s one of the few books I’ve found that are geared to those times when we’re IN IT, when it feels like our life is going to hell in a hand basket and we’ve got no interest in abstract theory or any of that jazz.”

Ariel Bravy You Are Truly Loved Blog July 31, 2015

Reinvent Ourselves

“Michael Mirdad looks at the process of spiritual transformation as a cycle consisting of 5 stages. We will go through these stages again and again as we let go of the past and reinvent ourselves. The only way to avoid them and step out of the cycle is to become so aware of our own growth process as to learn the lessons needed without life needing to give us a hint. Mirdad has brought out a book that addresses these issues: You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up! The Five Stages of Soul Transformation Process. Michael Mirdad points to avoid having to go through the dismantling phase again and again by becoming a master of your own path. He distinguishes between three kinds of people (p. 15): victims, students and masters. The victim let life’s troubles wash over them without seeing them as opportunities to heal and learn. This means they will never get to the rebuilding part: they will keep cycling through the various dismantling phases (1-3). Students do their best to participate in the changes life throws at them to improve their lives. This allows them to bridge over to the re-building phases (4,5). Masters, in this sense, are individuals who have the spiritual awareness to “be the soul itself” that initiates the Soul Transformation Process. Masters don’t wait for life to dismantle – they will themselves actively dismantle those aspects of their life that block their spiritual path.”

- Katinka Hesselink (All Considering Blog) August 14, 2015

An Inspiration

“This book will be an inspiration to anybody who has had a troublesome life. To anybody who is dealing with major issues that make you feel like you’re losing it. Michael Mirdad has a very simple message:

You’re not going crazy… you’re just waking up!

In his view of the soul transformation process there are five stages, which I think many people will recognize:

Dismantling: when your life seems to be falling apart.

Emptiness: when your emotions catch up with all the changes and you feel depressed and alone

Disorientation: when your mind tries to make sense of it all, and can not.

Re-building: when hope comes into your life because things are starting to change.

A new life in which you’ll probably be making new mistakes and get caught up in new illusions.” August 14, 2015

A Freaky Peacefulness

Michael, I finished reading “You’re Not Going Crazy” a few days ago and I wanted to thank you for writing such an insightful book. I loved it. (It’s also one of the prettiest books I’ve ever seen.) Since my life ceased to be recognizable—that is, over the past couple years—there have been a few teachers who have helped me immeasurably and you are one of them. I guess it has to do with how the message is delivered. I’ve listened to a few of your sermons (on the Web) and your delivery makes me smile every time. Your sense of the absurd cracks me up and makes me think, and the stuff I learn while I’m laughing and feeling good is the stuff that seems to stick. You are so good at what you do!!! Many thank-yous for helping to make my journey a little bit easier. To be perfectly honest, the sense of peace that I feel inside is kind of freaking me out. It’s been with me for a couple months now and for the most part, it hasn’t gone away. I feel like my mind’s been taken over by an entity that is much saner than I ever was. So much more to learn . . . but in a strange way I feel like I’m already there.

Pam August 24, 2015

Highly Recommend

“I recommend this book to anyone whose life is falling apart.”

- growwear August 14, 2015

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I think what really inspired me to write this testimonial was the fact that I have been going to Unity in Mesa for nearly 10 years but now our minister has had some serious health issues and had to retire and is now in Hospice. When I heard this, I just started sobbing in church. It affected me and of course most of the others who were there and I just started sobbing. There was absolutely no religion in my childhood home. I think it was when I started reading “A Course in Miracles” and “A Return to Love” that my life totally changed–for ever. Then, I started attending Unity of Mesa and have been going ever since. From time to time Unity would have guest speakers–some inspired me and some did not. When Michael Mirdad came to Unity as a guest speaker, my life again was changed and I was so inspired and affected that I have never been the same. I’m sure so many others felt the same way. Of course I purchased several of his books and felt that I was home.