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sacred-sexualityBelow are reviews for the book Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss by Michael Mirdad.

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Whole-heartedly Recommend

“Since I wrote Sexual Energy Ecstasy in the 1980′s, I had not seen another book that I felt I could whole-heartedly recommend. Now I have. It is the voice of tantric experience, compassion, love, wisdom, and kindness. The profound mistake being made by most Western tantra teachers today is in teaching sex as an end in itself. Oh, they give lip service to the ideals of high spirituality, but in practice, not so. Mind you, it isn’t easy to write about sex, tantra, and spirituality in such a way that you accomplish a unified, healing, transcendental message. Michael has succeeded where so many have failed. Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss is a journey into your most intimate sexual secrets and truths, a journey that promises healing and self-liberation, including profound relationship fulfillment, far beyond your current notions. Furthermore, Michael’s guide is easy to read, understand, and apply—not so common in tantra books nowadays! Approached with great consciousness, true sincerity, and an open heart, sex leads directly to the heart and then to the highest truths of the vast eternal spiritual reality that underlies this world and all that we are, do, and have. “Only the pure in heart shall see the truth of tantra.” Michael sees this truth, and I perceive him as being the “real deal.” There are others who are not. Let Michael show you the way as so few can. Listen to him! He has walked the path. Now allow him to talk to you, to guide you, so that you, too, can ride the fire of sexual energy to higher levels of self-realization, to supreme love, and to lasting, ultimate, indescribable fulfillment.”

-David A. Ramsdale, M.A. Co-Author of Sexual Energy Ecstasy and Red Hot Tantra

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Beauty that Surrounds

Thank you Michael for all of your efforts to pull off yet another amazing Mastery workshop. Your home was absolutely elegant and the grounds were breathtaking. Your teaching alone would be more than enough to hold me captive in your workshops but it is the beauty that surrounds you from the scrumptious meals that are prepared, to the constant flow of love that is shared in the students who feel love in the friendships we have created with one another. I am mostly so appreciative of how you are able to intuit the greatest good for a large group of people and can shift and mold the material you teach to fit the need.