A Beacon in the Storm

“Last year I discovered Michael’s unique services and his dedication as a spiritual teacher. A while after joining his online community pages and taking several courses, including Awakening Christ Consciousness, I reached out for private sessions with him. Michael’s wisdom and support offered me the insight and direction I needed

–B, NY

Defeating My Demons

“I wanted to tell you about the experience I had concerning the panic attacks. Maybe it can help someone else too. As I fell asleep on Friday night the fear came so quickly I don’t think my eyes were even closed yet. I was so scared. I tried to relax


Down and Out No More!

“My partner and I had a healing session, for which you graciously refused payment, as our home was in foreclosure. We wanted to let you know the ‘miracle we have been graced with. One of my clients agreed to finance our new home for us at 3% interest, and we’re

–Patricia, MI

Feeling Loved and Safe!

“Thank you for the healing session yesterday. After watching this beautiful sunset I went home and slept for 10 hours€”something I have not done in many years. I want to thank you for your calm peaceful energy, which I can still feel around me. I also loved the exercise you

–Helen, Maui

Feeling Safe With A Male

“Dear Michael, I want to thank you for visiting us in Florida. I am more in touch with my inner guidance and am so glad I listened to it and scheduled a session with you. I would not normally feel comfortable asking for help from a man, but I felt

–Julie, FL

Floating in Peace & Success!

“Since our private session on Friday I have been living in a miracle beyond words!!! Everything is filled with Love and I feel guided by God with each breath. I am floating and I don’t need much sleep or even much food. I want to thank you from my heart.

–Jennifer, OR

Finally . . . Results!

“Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful healing session last night! You acted quickly on my behalf to assist me with a very difficult problem that I had been having for more than a year and I am SO grateful! I had the BEST night of sleep and peace after

–Wendy, CO


“Dear Sedona Friends: I attend Unity of Naples in Florida and attended a workshop with Michael Mirdad and the pastor there encouraged me to have a one on one session. I read and re-read some of his books and continue to use and practice the principles I have learned. I

–C, FL

Giving Back

“You have helped me over the last past several years to become stronger and more assertive. You have given me the tools to make positive changes in my life, to improve my personal relationships, and to believe in myself. I am thankful for the opportunity to give back and contribute


Had a Good Cry

“I want to thank you for a gift you gave me many, many, moons ago in a private session. I thought I was doing fine, I am thinking in my head yeah I am healing, I am doing good, etc . . . But when I went in for my session


Healing My Sexual Issues!

“I just want to write you to THANK YOU again for the great change you gave to our life. I feel so much alive. My husband cannot believe what is happening to our sex life, nor can I. It feels like I am another person! I am no longer feeling

–P, ON

I’m Doing My Refilling Exercises

“I so VERY much appreciate the healing session we had recently. I am doing the exercises you gave me not only every morning and night but often throughout the day, as I find they help me to get centered. Your healing energy is astonishing and I have felt it even

–Wendy, CA

Keeping Me On Track

“Thanks for making time for me/us today. You are an amazing individual and it was very refreshing and powerful being in the presence of someone as in touch and real as you. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and I was reminded of my truth and what is important/real/divine in a

–Thomas, TX

Life Transforming Session

“Dear Michael: Thank you for another life-transforming session. Being able to be heard uncensored and having you listen as you do, so entirely present and caring, allowed me to shed something heavy“a self consciousness and a loneliness that is allowing me to feel hopeful about being able to trust better

–L, AZ

Life Changing Opportunity!

“Dear Michael: It’s been some time since my private session, so I wanted to fill you in on what happened as a result. When I came to you, I had hit a road-block in my recovery from neurological Lyme disease. I was unresponsive to medication, lost my independence, and ability


Many Thanks

“Thank you for your newsletter article on affection! It reminded me, not only of my first session with you, which I will never forget, but also of another time, when a church congregant had been seriously injured & life-flighted to a hospital. As a prayer chaplain, I drove up there


Loved the Lecture and Session

“I am able to read people very well, so when I initially met you at your lecture several weeks ago I knew I wanted to have a session with you. Your energy is so powerful, yet gentle. The group at the lecture loved you. You knew how to connect with

–Monika, FL

My Life Has Changed!

“Dear Michael, I just want to take this time to really thank you for all you have done for me! Four years ago I experienced a life changing healing from you. I know I was divinely led to you, and I was ready. The healing you gave me changed my

–Sharon, ON

My Gratitude for Many Gifts

“Over the years, I have heard Michael Mirdad speak several times at Unity churches. Always, I found his talks to be practical and humorous. He made A Course In Miracles not only something I could understand, but concepts I could live by. His messages struck a deeper chord and something prompted

–AJen, FL

Painless and Light

“I was totally floored by my private session. For the rest of the day whenever I closed my eyes, my third eye was emblazoned with golden light. I could barely function on a mundane level. My back was no longer in pain; I felt a great sense of peace, and

–N, MA

No More Pain!

“I am forever grateful to God for bringing you into my life. I told you that I had had an MRI, CT, sonogram of my back to try to figure out what was causing my pain. I could count on one hand how many nights I have slept without back

–Robyn, CA

Opening up to Love!

“I want to share with you my deep gratitude. I think I am loving again. I may even be opening into love. I am in awe over this man who has been presented in my life. He is a walking vibration of the heart. He is grounded, wise, full of

–D, CO

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light!

“I am doing fantastic after the most wonderful experience I had in my private session. I am profoundly grateful for the veil that you lifted so that I could join you in experiencing God. I feel firmly grounded in God’s love for me and I have no experience of shame, anxiety,

–Kim, TX


“Dear Michael: It is so remarkable how a ‘healing session with you is always just the beginning of discovering another layer of hidden ‘stuff. I carry my journal for days after seeing you. I pray and meditate even more than my daily practice. My personal experience is that the body-work and counseling


Psychic Success!

“Dear Michael, Earlier this year you did a psychic reading for me and I’ve been meaning to extend my appreciation. The advice you gave me and observations you had were spot on. It’s been an amazing year. Now I’m on my way to

–Catherine, TX

Profoundly Grateful

“Hi Michael: I have been thinking (and feeling!) a lot about my time with you in session recently, and I just want you to know how profoundly grateful I am. I have been experiencing a myriad of emotions; waking up at night with dreams, and posing questions to myself that


Propelling Me Forward

“Dear Michael: I am truly thankful to you for the very insightful and excellent workshops in Dallas and the very helpful private session I had with you. You are an amazing teacher/healer/metaphysician who beautifully shares the message of Truth, Light, Love and Healing. Michael, you have been a powerful, inspirational

–Michael, TX

Remote Learning

“Michael holds space with such a peaceful, kind, and energetic presence. He shares a truth through not only words and good humor, but an embodiment of ideals. Reaching high into the light, he is yet wholly human, illustrating the spectrum of what it means to be Christ on earth. Spend

–Matthew, CO

So Thankful!!

“Dear Michael: I know you must hear this a lot, but my private session with you was very powerful and I don’t think I have words to express the experience or its aftereffects. My partner and I originally saw Michael a couple of years ago when we won a trip

–M & C, TX

Standing in Gratitude!

“I wanted to thank you again for all the healing energy I received from our private sessions together, which is still serving me now, weeks later! I understand that healing almost never happens in a split second, but instead happens in layers, over time (as did the trauma), as long

–Elaine, FL

Thank you from the Heart of All!

“Michael: Thank you again for all your help and moreso for all your patience. I am deeply grateful to you and all that you are. I am saying this for me and for all human beings who, like me, sometimes need some guidance, love, and deeper understanding. You are a

–Janny, TX

The BEST Birthday gift!

“Thank you again Michael! I left my session with you yesterday feeling so uplifted, and I think if I could sum up what I want to tell you, it’s simply this” You are awesome!! Really just awesome:) I’m sure everybody gets the same sense being around you, that they wish


Tears of Joy

“In my private session with Michael, I was finally released from bondage. I laughed and cried tears of joy, as it became very apparent to me why I chose a past of multiple marriages and numerous sexual partners. I now understood that what I was searching for was not a relationship


The Pain of Being Born Again!

“God did it hurt! It was just like childbirth. It was all the pain from the past coming to the now. That pain, I felt as a child was buried within me all these years. I screamed, ‘Get out! to my grandpa and uncle that had molested me. I did

–Anonymous, FL

Like finding my wings and discovering that I really can fly after all

​”Michael…thanks so much for the time on the phone today. ​You fueled my lantern! Hearing all of the internal dialogue that has been floating in my head spoken from someone whom I’ve grown to greatly admire, gives me liberation, justification and resolution.You inspire me in ways I cannot explain. I

–C, CA

The Simple Solution of Forgiveness!

“This truly has been the easiest way I have ever dealt with my issues. And it was all so simple. I forgot what the experience of unconditional Love felt like. Thank you for helping me to open up my eyes to Love, it was a great, gentle reminder of who

–Nancy, MI

Touched By Compassion

“Hello Michael, I just wanted to write and thank you for the session we had in Lexington, MA. I wanted to tell you that I didn’t know what was going to happen within the session but did not expect to be reduced to tears and a quivering mass of emotional

–B, MA

Changed By Magdalene

“I am writing to thank you for leading me through the initiation of Mary Magdalene in our private session. What can I say? You know so much, it is fascinating and inspiring me. Previously, my challenges were social phobia, panic attacks, afraid of men, co-dependence, etc . . . But, after

–D, FL

An Exorcism . . . Really

“I would like to thank you for taking the time after your workshop to work with me. It was extremely generous. I am a spiritual teacher too, but I could not completely see what I was needing at that time although I knew I was needing help. So thank you

–A, TX

Amazing Healer!!

“Michael, You are absolutely an amazing healer. Your love of God and of humanity is unsurpassed and helped to sustain me through some of my most challenging times. You seemed to understand things about me that other healers wouldn’t

–Deb, WA

Alive and Grateful!

“After my Private Session, I woke up the next morning feeling physically lighter, like I lost 10 pounds, very cool. My abdomen was open, like the blanket that was on it, was lifted, no sensation of fear in that area. My shoulder which was worked on, feels tender yet amazingly

–Terry, CT

A Miraculous Calm!

“Dear Michael: Thank you for the miracle of a session with you. The deep kindness of your healing touch is with me still. I have a sense of calm that I did not have before. I have no doubt that you reached and healed my wounded inner child. Now I

–Deborah, VA

A New Body

“The Private Session was truly amazing. I feel like I have a new body. I could actually feel the blockages leaving when we were doing the bodywork. I’ve never experienced anything like that before€”at least not at such a deep level. I could see Michael’s essence, which allowed me to

–L, VA

A New Life & Relationship!

“Thanks to you I’ve been seeing a guy now since April. He’s wonderful, loving, and attentive. I know that all the personal work I’ve done and our sessions together, have helped me open up and feel comfortable with Men€“for the first time. It’s amazing. This is my first long-term relationship

–D, MN

A New Way of Being!

“Michael, I met you last week at a Unity Church. I attended most of your lectures and had a one-on-one session with you. I just wanted to let you know that your wonderful presence and energy has inspired me even more to walk a path of Christ Consciousness. I had

–Sandy, MA

A New Body

“The Private Session was truly amazing. I feel like I have a new body. I could actually feel the blockages leaving when we were doing the bodywork. I’ve never experienced anything like that before€”at least not at such a deep level. I could see Michael’s essence, which allowed me to

–L, VA

A Miraculous Calm!

“Dear Michael: Thank you for the miracle of a session with you. The deep kindness of your healing touch is with me still. I have a sense of calm that I did not have before. I have no doubt that you reached and healed my wounded inner child. Now I

–Deborah, VA

A Change of Heart!

“In May of 2006 I was exhibiting all the symptoms of heart failure. It came on very suddenly and I went through a lot of testing (i.e. CT scans, X rays, full body ultra sounds and an echocardiogram). They found that I have a valve in my heart that does


A Beacon of Love & Light

“Dear Michael: You are such a beacon of love and light to this world. I met you last year and did a private session wherein we discussed my career and my book that was waiting patiently to be birthed. I practiced the “homework” faithfully that you gave me regarding both


The Most Transformational Session Ever!

“Dear Michael: Thank you for my wonderful healing session with you. It was the most transformational session that I have ever had. You are an Angel in my world! I don’t remember ever feeling so comfortable with someone I just met. Your intuitive skills are quite remarkable and most of


True Healing Began

“Dear Michael Mirdad: I had a session with you a few months ago. During our session I was struggling with an overly sensitive nervous that I was allowing to basically ruin my life. I gave up on spirituality and lost my faith in teachers and my fear of men basically


Deep Peace

“Omg Michael . . . I have to tell you about my realization this am. We had a session a few weeks ago, and you told me to ask the Mother to help me heal at the deepest level. So I have been asking. Well, so many people I thought


The shift was nothing short of miraculous

“Michael Mirdad is a kind, witty, spirit -filled, intuitive healer and counselor. He came to our Unity church in Virginia back in 2010. When I saw the announcement about his visit, my first thought was to question why he was looking so much like Jesus. By the time he left,

~DC (award-winning author)

Miraculous Outcome

Michael, I just had a session with you last week for the first time and I would like to share the outcome as it has been miraculous. I wasn’t sure what we would cover in our session but you brought up my issues around intimacy. Well, I’ve been married for