Discovering My Internal Landscape

“Wow! Your recent Mastery Workshop was amazing on so many levels. I so appreciate all that you have taught me. The deep processing work has helped to clear what was muddy to me when viewing my internal landscape. I now have a greater understanding of how negative attitudes and behaviors

–Jean, OR

Discover Dimensions

“My favorite parts of this workshop include: All of the tracking exercises€”especially the ones that showed our core beliefs. I also loved the exercises that help us to see how our beliefs have, and do, affect our lives. I loved the exercises that helped release the hurts and then learning

–Jacqueline, ON

Exceptional Experience

“Many thanks for an exceptional experience. I loved the intensity of the experience and watching your mastery lovingly given every step of the way. My favorite portions of the workshop include: Learning the concepts of mastery, Integration of ‘spirit’ with our daily routine, The alkaline diet, Tracking and healing emotions,

–Louann, France

Enriching Opportunity

“I am grateful for the opportunity to spend five days with such an amazing group of like-minded souls, for the transformational journey of a lifetime. Thank you Michael for sharing your vast knowledge of principles and tools to get the ball rolling and get the job done, in all aspects

–Joy, AZ

Feel So Excited

“WOW!!! What an amazing experience!!! I am still processing, but I truly see things changing so drastically in my life already and I have only been home for two days. Nothing is the same for me the way that I think, feel, act, etc. It’s like a big fat eraser

–Shelly, TX

Fantastic Insight

“It was wonderful to attend my third Mastery Workshop. Once again I experienced fantastic insights and expect to make dramatic changes in my life that will prove both healing and inspiring. My favorite parts of the event include the emotional healing, the physical challenges, and the lecture portions that covered

–Jackie, WA

Friendships for a Lifetime

“I recently attended Michael Mirdad’s 5-day Mastery & Healing workshop. Michael covered all the topics I expected and more. We started several days with a good stretch in Joy’s yoga class. Then I was surprised to find that we were also going to be physically and mentally challenged by an


Focus and Go

“I just attended the 5-day Mastery and Healing Intensive at Unity of Sedona, and I can, with certainty, say that I have already seen a difference in the way I do things. The activities and exercises were perfect for applying and integrating all of the amazing things we were learning

–Linda, AZ

Five-Star Rating

“My heart feels fueled with renewed enthusiasm since attending Living Mastery. Michael’s guidance deserves a five star rating for his ability to zero in on challenging issues and help us raise the bar on our own lives. Already I’m implementing concepts like ‘Focus & Go and seeing things to completion

–Kesha, AZ

Filled with Inspiration

“The workshop was amazing and just what I required to bring my life forward. I have felt stuck for a while and this unblocked me and I feel so on purpose now with a new mission for my soul. Michael you were masterful in what you guided us through, physically,


Feeling the Love

“Dear Michael: I have been home one day since the 5-day Healing workshop and I am still feeling the love of everyone at Avalon and in the workshop! I arrived at Avalon uncertain about my connection to God and wondered how I could have gotten so far off. But it

–Beth, CA

Grateful and Changed Forever

“My experience at the Mastery & Healing intensive, taught me so much on how to lead all areas of my life from love, through step-by-step dynamics, to apply to all areas of my life. I also learned different healing modalities from EFT to Thai Massage, to cranial healing, to Qigong,

–Theresa, CT

Grateful and Changed Forever

“My experience at the Mastery & Healing intensive, taught me so much on how to lead all areas of my life from love, through step-by-step dynamics, to apply to all areas of my life. I also learned different healing modalities from EFT to Thai Massage, to cranial healing, to Qigong, as well

–Theresa, CT

Healing Process

“Dear Michael: I want to offer my deepest appreciation and gratitude to you and all of the attendees at this year’s healing intensive. From beginning till end, it provided me the space to have amazing personal insights into my own issues and gave me the tools to dive further into

–Angela, TX

Helping Others

“What struck me most in my too brief time with the group was how self-assured they all were as healers. The paired breath-work that we did is often just overwhelming for people the first time they do it, so that individuals have little to offer their partners. As I drifted

–Michael Sky, Author and Breath-worker

Highest Experience

“This workshop ranks right up there as one of highest experiences of my life. I came in with an expectation of learning some good healing modalities and possibly getting clarity on some personal issues. But what I came away with was a life changing experience that I know I’ll never

–Jennifer, OR

Healed, Cleared, Refilled

“This was our third Mastery Intensive as a married couple and we both walked away feeling like we healed, cleared, refilled, and learned more about ourselves and each other on a deeper level, as we grew in our awareness of putting God first in all areas of our life. The

–Terrie & John, CT

Impactful Healing

“I cannot express how impactful the healing workshop was for me. We learned powerful tools for healing others and ourselves. I remembered that I have no limitations. I am in awe of the gifts God has bestowed upon me. I am in awe of my life. I released so much

–Sandra, CA

In Awe

“This was my third retreat, and I am amazed that each one has taken me through such different levels of processing towards my goal of being whole. I am blessed to have been a part of such an extraordinary group of students and teachers. I am in awe of the

–Sandra, CA


“My experience at the workshop was incredible. Everything that I needed was provided for me. The Magic of Michael Mirdad is that he shows you the way, he helps you through the path, but you have to do the work. Being with Michael has brought me to a very Buddhist

–Franco, AK


“The Healing Workshop was definitely an ‘Intensive! So much was given and so much was received. I observed myself going through the process of resistance, my patterns, denial, ego, and finally acceptance and gratitude. And I concluded that you, Michael, must be a genius to be able to ‘read each

–Christina, OR


“I can honestly say I have never had an experience like this Mastery Workshop. The five days I spent with Michael and the group were intense, insightful, and thrilling. The highlights for me included the exercise for healing childhood, cloud busting, tracking, and of course, the water-balloon fight. I came


Love on a Deeper Level

“During my flight home from the Mastery Workshop, I used up every piece of paper I had, front & back, as I was flooded with thoughts. This event breathed life into the inner core of my soul. I experienced love on a deeper level & my life will never be

–Robyn, TX

Knowing That I am Love and Light

“I am so grateful for the Mastery workshop. I can’t pinpoint if it was the exercise of tapping into and understanding pain from long ago, the focus and go day at the zip-line, or simply absorbing all Michael poured out to us over five days. But the end result was knowing

–Kim, CA

New Found Self

“What I say about Michael’s workshop is that it is nothing short of amazing, beautiful, confirming and enlightening. Michael guided and taught us with knowledge and nurturing. My sense of knowing and self-awareness is now remarkably keen and I also feel that I can help others much more with my


My Gratitude for Many Gifts

“Over the years, I have heard Michael Mirdad speak several times at Unity churches. Always, I found his talks to be practical and humorous. He made A Course In Miracles not only something I could understand, but concepts I could live by. His messages struck a deeper chord and something prompted

–AJen, FL

Peaceful and Energizing

“The healing workshop was amazing!!! Much deeper than I expected. The property to start with was beautiful, the energy incredible. The house, the workshop, the little river, and the beautiful peaceful garden with waterfalls and ponds and walking paths set the tone for a safe, peaceful, energizing and healing experience.

–Laura, ONT

Open Hearted

“I had a wonderful time leading Dances of Universal Peace at the Living Mastery Workshop. Being a dance leader is akin to being an orchestra conductor: the skill and direction of the conductor is important, but so is the composer, and of course, the orchestra itself. I must say that

Brian, Sufi Dance Facilitator

One with God

“Thanks for the workshop! My favorite highlights include the following: A deeper understanding and appreciation that we are one with God and have no fear; How to fill my heart and soul with Joy; The Sufi Dance that focused on holding the ‘candle of Christ was a highlight on several

–Rob, France

Perfect Balance

“This healing workshop had a perfect balance between personal healing and learning various modalities. The healing modalities were thorough (not rushed); I particularly enjoyed the EFT and how easy it is to implement in my day. The personal healing/cleansing was truly soul-level. Before I’d even left the haven of Avalon

–Jen, FL

Personal Miracles

“I cannot thank you enough for the personal miracles I experienced this past week. I noticed after the final magnificent ceremony that I felt hollow, not in an empty, unfulfilled way, but rather like a hollow flute resonant with spirit. So many obstructions released, so much refilling. I cannot recommend

–Reanaleia, MT

Phenomenal Experience

“Wow! What a phenomenal experience. This was certainly the most balanced workshop I have ever had the privilege to attend. From the Qigong and yoga through the energy work and visualization to the very cool cloud-busting and exceptional lectures, it was without a doubt an all encompassing event. It fed

–Joey, Canada

Profound Discoveries

“Each day, the retreat was full of profound discoveries and experiences. I thought I had already completely cleared an area from my past, but discovered, doing your emotional tracking exercise, a significant piece of unhealed wounding that I was able to work through in the safe and loving environment this

–Kim, FL

Rare to Behold

“Being part of this Easter workshop was an extraordinary experience of both Christ presence and inner challenges. I am a sincere Course in Miracles student and to have a teacher/facilitator that bases his workshops on what I consider to be holy principles is a rare thing to behold. If you

–Hilde, WA

Quest for Healing

“Michael’s workshops are life changing. Doing his work has taken me from mild depression, unhealthy relationships, lack of direction and self-confidence to a thriving new life in almost every way. If applied the concepts from this workshop have the power to radically change one’s life. Between creating mission statements to

–Rachel, TX

Revealing, Healing, and Integrating

“There were so many exercises that brought about such clarity and healing for me. The first being the bow and arrow. I finally realized what it feels like to fully be connected with the pulse of ‘God. I also realized just how manic my energy usually is and how much

–Joelle, FL


“The Life Mastery workshop accomplished many things through the physical activities we did, through the people that participated and through Michael’s spiritual guidance and presence. The focus of this workshop allowed me to reconnect that my mission is to transform my physical mind and body (since spirit needs no preparation)

–John, Costa Rica


“In the East, Buddhas are called the twice-born€”or dwija. The first gift of life is through the parents; the second gift we have to give to ourselves. Jesus said to Nicodemus that ‘Unless you are born again, you will not enter into the Kingdom of my God. Michael created the

–Ingrid, MI

Sense of Empowerment

“As I am still integrating the workshop, I see that I learned the value of watching my habits and realizing my distracting thoughts are all processes of the ego and that these behaviors are exactly what is keeping me from getting to the core of what I desire most. As

–Jennifer, OR

Soul Self-Discovery

“This was my first opportunity to participate in the Mastery and Healing 5-Day Intensive Workshop, and as a venture into soul self-discovery, it was a physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually expanding experience. It offered the self-determined choice of “shall I step out in faith, or not?” Not only were we

–Joan, AZ

Serene Space

“The Healing workshop was MIRACULOUS! I had been waking up for months (and on and off for years) with anxiety, nausea, and knots in my stomach from past trauma’s being re-triggered. The first morning back after the workshop I awoke with an overwhelming sense of peace and was breathing deeper

–Judy, FL

Soul Family

“Mere words cannot convey the experience that enveloped my soul in your Mastery Workshop. My essence is still ‘glowing with the knowledge & transformational change I experienced while others around me are noticing a significant difference making them very curious about what I did on my vacation! I would definitely say it shifted me

–Cherlyn, TX

Setting Intentions

“The day before the Mastery and Healing Intensive began, I set an intention that I would expand my consciousness, heal the past, and have a clearer vision of what’s next for me. I achieved all of that and so much more. I was able to dismantle two very old, outworn beliefs

–Linda, AZ

Single Best Decision

“After working intensely on my healing process over the past year, I felt drawn to attend this workshop. This workshop has been the single best decision and experience of my life. Michael’s teachings, were nothing less than mastery and oh how I learned so many new things. This was the

–Beth, FL

Surrounded with Love

“Before the retreat started, I was feeling a scary little girl, with insecurities and too much pain in my soul. But I knew that I had to be there. I even had a dream wherein God showed to me the place in a dream. He showed me that was far

–Luz, FL

Testimony for Healing Trauma Workshop 12/06/14

“How do you express gratitude for a burden to be lifted of which you weren’t even consciously aware? My mind hid an event in my body’s cellular memory that I never imagined was there. Now I know that there is an on-going layering that buries such memories, until our desire

–J, AZ


“The Mastery Workshop was the most freeing, liberating, loving, transforming, Workshop I have attended. Attendees provided a safe and enjoyable environment to open up and grow. I felt a total release of lots of inhibitions/habits/behaviors that were holding me back from lovingly expressing myself. Highlights were: Yoga exercises, Jean’s creative

–Susan, FL

Truly Life Changing

“The Mastery Intensive was truly life changing! There is no other workshop that so thoroughly covers the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of truly living in Mastery. The adventure course was my favorite! It provides a visceral experience of overcoming fear and challenge by finding inspiration, focus, and go!

–Beth, AZ

Tokyo Workshop

“Hello! I am the ‘full of anger high school teacher who attended your workshop in Tokyo last weekend. You mentioned me in one of your facebook posts. I’m writing this mail to say thank you again. Attending your workshop and being helped by you in the private session have changed my

–YH, Japan

Truly a Miracle

“The night after the workshop I was unable to sleep as I was missing the energy of Michael and the group. I was reading Michael’s ‘Heart and Soul book and found myself having a verbal ‘conversation with God for about 2 hours. This is new for me. I then went outside to the stillness

–Suzanne, AZ

Total Acceptance

“One of the biggest things I experienced at the mastery workshop was the feeling of total acceptance from everyone. I loved how we did everything together (dinner, yoga, bon fire, etc.), and how everyone seemed to support each other. Everything at the workshop was great but I loved learning to

–Steve, NJ

Tokyo Workshop Part 2

“I have another thing to share: I had attended some other workshops before I attended yours. From each of them I learned a lot. But what made yours special to me was your absolute solid attitude that our relationship with God should always come first. Even though I practiced meditations

–YH, Japan

Whole New Level

“I had an absolutely wonderful experience. I have always carried a great amount of frustration toward the traditional education on one hand and the traditional concept of vacation on the other hand. This workshop incorporated both, as it took my experience to a whole new level.a conscious life experience, which


Divine State

“My experience with the Mastery Workshop brought me to a place within that is truly a divine state of enlightenment with an invigorating spirit that is visible-inside and out. I came home from the program with a radiant glow about me, which was like a loving virus that positively affected

–Lady J, SD

Clear and Open

“I am so glad that I reviewed this workshop and got to experience it anew with my husband. Both of us are so much more clear and opened up. I applied the qigong exercises with my elementary school children today. I added names to some of the moves like capturing

–Carol, NH


“Wow Michael, your artistic application of bringing even the most complex concepts into clarity is such an incredible statement of your mastery not only in all you teach but as a teacher. The workshop was an amazing weave of information. I walked away with the ability to integrate holistically into

–Nancy, OH

Complete Devotion

“Wow! That Mastery Workshop experience was amazing on so many levels. I really appreciated Michael’s passion and complete devotion to us and our process. The deep processing work has helped to clear what was muddy to me when viewing my internal landscape. I now have a greater understanding of how

–Jean, OR

Confidence Builds

“What an amazing workshop! The Mastery and Healing Intensive is one full-on immersion into the exploration of one’s self on every level. I learn more and more about myself each time I take this workshop. The highlight for me this year was the adventure ropes course€”I felt like a kid

–Judy, AZ

Connected to the Divine

“What an amazing, healing, and transformative week!!! :-) Thank you!!! With deep appreciation and sheer gratitude to Michael for creating the sacred space for us all to come to together, and to each participant I thank you, for your love, acceptance, light, healing touch, and laughter that allowed healing to take place on so many

–Elizabeth, OR

Crystal Clear Vision

“As I reflect on the Mastery Workshop, I find that I walked away with a crystal clear vision of the treasure that is my life purpose along with the very detailed map of how to get there. This includes action steps such as morning and evening meditations which include calling

–Rachael, TX

Deep Healing

“I am in awe at the transformations that took place both for myself and others truly an intensive like no other. The deep healing on all levels€“emotionally, physically and spiritually in such a short period of time was incredible. Since more than one thing cannot occupy a space; it made

–Kim, TX

Blown Away

“I’m still blown away by the healing workshop! I’ve already begun applying the emotional healing techniques in my own practice. In fact, the day after I got home, one of my clients was releasing deep emotions, while I worked on her hip. Thanks to what I learned in this workshop,

–Carol, TX


“I’m still blown away by the healing workshop! I’ve already begun applying the emotional healing techniques in my own practice. In fact, the day after I got home, one of my clients was releasing deep emotions, while I worked on her hip. Thanks to what I learned in this workshop,

–Carol, TX

Beauty that Surrounds

“Thank you Michael for all of your efforts to pull off yet another amazing Mastery workshop. Your home was absolutely elegant and the grounds were breathtaking. Your teaching alone would be more than enough to hold me captive in your workshops but it is the beauty that surrounds you from

–Angela, TX

Beautiful Meditations

“The Healing Intensive is the 3rd of Michael Mirdad’s workshops that I have attended. Each has been wonderful with its own unique emphasis and some commonalities. Each time I return home feeling deeply and permanently transformed to a greater level of peace, integration, strength, clarity, ease and love in my life

–Kristen, OR

Beautiful Energy

“Every time I’ve attended a workshop at Avalon, I feel as if the entire time has been scripted especially for me, from the teaching/exercises, to the fellow attendees, even down to the weather and nature. What a beautiful blend of energy coming together to help me heal, to help me

–Sally, TX

Changed My Life

“Michael Mirdad’s Mastery Workshop changed my life both personally and professionally. His inspirational approach to teaching us how to become Masters in everything we do has already made a difference in how I carry out my daily life tasks. Michael is able to effectively combine a Spiritual focus with a

–Ariel, AZ


“I also feel the increased strength of my gifts the ease at which the power of god moves through me; all from centering and calling in god. Thank you Michael for your amazing way of teaching with such fun and the ability to keep us all so captivated. Thanks to all

–Jackie, WA

By Far the Best

“I have attended, and assisted, at several of Michael Mirdad’s Mastery workshops and this was by far the best! We had a symbiotic group right from the start. Our intentions and focus built day by day as we realigned with our soul’s purpose and connected with each other as a

–Judy, FL

Amazingly Focused

“I’ve come home with so many tools that I experience peace beyond all understanding. It’s been like rock-climbing-staying grounded within while reaching for just the right hand/foot-hold that will help me ascend a little further. In the past, after these workshops I’ve usually felt fragile upon re-entry into the world-but

–Lesa, FL

Altered State

“I really enjoyed the Healing Workshop. I loved getting to know everyone there and it was great to have so many healing methods brought together in one place. It made so much sense to me and moved me along well in my understanding of healing arts. One highlight for me

–Amelia, OR


“Once again, I am floored. I must be doing VERY well to manifest a such a masterful workshop. Michael’s shared information is unsurpassed. I am intrigued and awed by his range of knowledge and presented with such fluidity, love and unswerving yet patient focus. I loved the rock climbing and

–Carol, TX

Accelerating Growth

“Not only did I experience powerful personal healing in this 5 day retreat, I also came away with many important practical techniques and approaches that I can offer to my own clients. This workshop was great for accelerating growth and transformation, and for anchoring those changes into my

–Mary, AZ

A Master Healer

“Dear Micheal: I am writing this to extend my deepest gratitude for your work. As a recipient of past healing it has been so insightful to see you work. You are a Master healer. This is why I chose you as my teacher. This is why I continue to attend


A Fountain of Love

“There is so much to write, yet there are no words for me, only the imprint on my heart and soul in a feeling, ineffable! I left with a fountain of love and joy to share with the world. I would so like to share my private feelings in regards

–Vicki, TX