Deeply Touched

“Great workshop! The activities of each day just flowed and time seemed to fly by. The meals were great beginning with the healthy breakfast protein shakes. Following that with prayer, yoga, and meditation, we were prepared mind, body, and soul for the teachings that followed. The lessons were solid with

–Jennifer, OR

Exceeded Expectations in Every Way

“I attended this workshop with a bit of apprehension, not ever having been to one of Micheal’s talks or knowing much about the workshop. The week exceeded my expectations in many ways by the depth of what we leaned on a mental level (concepts, history, etc.) but also by what

–Dawn, PA

Empowering Workshop

“Words cannot voice the impact of Michael’s Christ Consciousness Workshop on my life. I am amazed at how divinely orchestrated all 5 days are. I was moved deeply by the times of meditation and reflection on the Christ as well as the keys to unlocking the mysteries of scripture. I

–Rachael, TX

Found New Strength and Serenity

“Before getting the email about this retreat, I had only one intent . . . I wanted to go to sleep and start over in another dimension or life . . . sounds desperate and pathetic just to write it but it’s true. Everything seemed wrong in my life .

–Ellen, CA

Helped Me Find My Way Home

“The Christ Consciousness workshop helped me to find my way home. It opened my mind to see the world with a new perspective. I completed the fifth day feeling connected to a bigger spiritual family, inspired, and with a greater sense of purpose and

–Carol MA

Immense Gratitude

“The gratitude I feel for the level of forgiveness I have found in myself is beyond anything I can describe. All of the activities were timed and orchestrated perfectly to accomplish this. I loved the history, the soul retrieval, the healings, the decrees, Course in Miracles meditations, the walks outside,

–Amelia, OR

I Have Awakened!

“Hi Michael! First I would like to say thank you for inviting me and my two friends to your Christ Consciousness class as a guest. The entire Sedona trip like the Sacred Sites Tour was divinely orchestrated for me. I am so grateful that I have awakened and listened to

–Linda, FL

It’s Truly Amazing

“The Awakening the Inner Christ online course covers everything you could imagine and more. It is truly amazing! The biggest shift I have experienced is in my understanding the illusion, this world, the universe, and myself. This has been huge for me. I am also getting all the tools to

–Janny, BC

Life Transforming

“My life has transformed . . . The Love permeates everything like it never has before. All the things I could never quite express have been clarified and

–Kat, OR

Many Transformational Moments

“This was my first ‘intensive with Michael, and already I know it will NOT be my last. I will forever be grateful for being led to this workshop. I experienced many transformational moments during the five days. Before I mention a few of these, I must comment on the people,

–David, FL

Mind and Heart Opening

“I am ever so gently opening my mind, heart, and soul to joyfully and Lovingly share my blessings, gifts, talents, and abilities with all in whom I come in contact. The highlights of this workshop for me included the togetherness of Thanksgiving Day. I also discovered where I have ‘energy

–Susan, FL

Most Powerful Workshop Experience Ever

“I came into the Christ Consciousness Workshop feeling a certain level of anxiety because of that dark place I had traveled thru this year. BUT I knew this was where I was supposed to be, and I trusted the process to be whatever it had to be. I’m so glad

–Sally, TX

Most profound workshop ever

“When I first attended the Christ Consciousness Workshop two years ago, I left thinking and feeling that it was the most profound workshop I had every attended. Yet, this workshop brought that information to next level with even greater information, insights, and very powerful healing prayers, meditations, and exercises. Throughout

–Joelle, FL

New Heights of Understanding

“Since the end of the workshop, I am still praying for guidance to show me how to live these principles in the most challenging areas of my life. As I reach ever new heights and deeper levels of love and understanding, these teachings of Christ are an added treasure to

–Jackie, WA

My Soul’s Purpose Has Never Been So Clear

“I will be forever grateful for God leading me to Michael and his teaching at this critical time in my spiritual awareness. His depth of guidance boggles my mind. The Mastery & Healing Workshop actually tied a bow on the realization that I have much more to offer myself and the

–Dosi, AZ

Outstanding and Nurturing

“I enjoyed our groups’ study of the sacred writings, our ‘baptisms’ at the holy grotto, the prayers, reading from A Course In Miracles while doing yoga, and the chakra cleansings/meditations. I also really enjoyed the shared meals and deep conversations. The meals were OUTSTANDING and the nurturing essence in the

–Christine, ON

Profoundly Life Changing!

“I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how profoundly life changing the Christ Consciousness workshop is affecting me. It is opening up whole new avenues of understanding in me so that I might understand me and ‘others so very much clearer. To see more and more with

–J, AZ

Profound Shift

“I have been a Course of Miracles student for many years, but since I started the Christ Consciousness course, I have felt a profound shift in my understanding of both the Course of Miracles and God’s peace. Michael’s step by step progression through ‘Awakening the Inner Christ has helped me

–Jeanne, IA

Reaches High Into the Light

“Michael holds space with such a peaceful, kind, and energetic presence. He shares a truth through not only words and good humor, but an embodiment of ideals. Reaching high into the light, he is yet wholly human, illustrating the spectrum of what it means to be Christ on earth. Spend

–Matthew, CO

Shook My Heart and Soul Wide Open

“Wow! is all I can say. Attending this workshop at this time in my life was the most illogical thing I could do, but it just wouldn’t let me go. I am so grateful I took that leap of faith to attend! The various exercises from movement to decrees to

–Reanaleia, AZ

Shook My Heart and Soul Wide Open

“Wow! is all I can say. Attending this workshop at this time in my life was the most illogical thing I could do, but it just wouldn’t let me go. I am so grateful I took that leap of faith to attend! The various exercises from movement to decrees to

–Reanaleia, AZ

The Most Profound Material

“This is the most profound material I have ever studied on the topic of spirituality. I never leave Michael’s workshops without having learned volumes on the topic at hand. I love how the beauty of your meditations takes me to a higher vibration in my relationship with God and others.

–Angela, TX

Superb Workshop

“Every bit of the workshop was superb. In particular, I loved the clear exposition of how the separation from God regularly manifests in our lives as core issues and how we lose energy from debts unpaid, promises un-kept, deeds undone, and, of course, misdeeds. I am profoundly grateful for Michael’s

–Carol, TX

Surpassed My Every Expectation

“This retreat brought me to a higher level of spirituality and understanding then I was ever hoping for. I now know what a great gift we have been given, not only to live in the love of God but to have the free will to co-create. Michael surpassed my every

–Sandra, CA

Connection to Spirit

“It took quite a lot of effort (financially and logistically) to get to this workshop and so the immersion into the realms of Christ and the dimensions of this Universe was felt at an even deeper level for me. Michael’s teachings bring connection to Spirit, illumination, understanding, and emancipation from

–Diana, FL

Deep Effective Work

“Thank you for the one-way trip into the fourth dimension! I say one-way because I’m not sure I’m back yet. I have spent the last 25 years training with Psychic Masters and have never worked as deeply as I did at the CC retreat. Just when I thought I was

–Lori, OR

Awesome experience

“The Christ consciousness experience workshop was awesome. I know that I have just begun to see the benefits. I found the cleansing prayers to be very powerful. There were so important ‘ah ha€”moments that are and will continue to shift my thinking in a very powerful and positive way. All

–Kathy, ON

Astounding Workshop

“The Christ Consciousness Workshop was very meaningful for me on a number of levels. Michael astounded me with his breadth and depth of knowledge about the Bible, Jesus, early mysticism, sacred sites, and ancient history. Very cool! I also appreciated the Christ consciousness prayers and the longer meditations. I am

–Jean, OR

Astounding Material

“The material in this course is astounding in breadth, fusion, and organization, and the results are powerful. It has been an excellent complement to my existing spiritual practice–broadening, enhancing, balancing, and evoking more of my soul’s purpose, as well as more forgiveness, the building block of Christ Consciousness. I have

–Carol, TX

A Truly Gifted Spiritual Teacher

“One of the most effective aspects of this workshop is how well Michael combines various learning tools. Lecture material is preceded by yoga, spiritual meditation is followed by camaraderie and movies, intellectual interpretation of bible passages assignments were offset by breathwork. My heart, mind, body and soul were totally engaged

–Marti, HI

A True Disciple of Christ

“I loved learning about the hidden spiritual history of the planet and about how to read the parables of Jesus. I also loved learning about Jesus’ various past lives. I loved being with my friends and making new ones. I loved the healing circle at the end and to feel

–Steve, NJ

A True Channel of Christ Presence

“While the retreat is still fresh on my heart, I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for opening your retreat to us and allowing a safe place to work on ourselves in body, mind and spirit. You are a true channel of the Christ Presence and I thank

–Kim, TX

A Life-Changing Experience

“I attended this workshop two years in a row. Michael’s workshop is deep and inspiring, yet he always provides concrete actions we can take to make God a part of our daily lives. I was happy to discover just how much of the prior year’s teaching I had integrated into

–Natalie, AZ

A Higher Vibration Workshop

“Thanks for another great workshop! The work we did just seemed to be at a higher energy/vibration than other workshops. The volume of information that came pouring into our awareness was simply perfect. The chronology of events was skillfully executed with emptying our minds and souls using various techniques including

–Jennifer, OR

A Gateway to God

“The Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive called me to join with my fellow souls to come together as one in our true self, to experience what this can feel like. Once I learned of the workshop, I knew beyond the mind, there was nowhere else I could be. So I traveled

–Susan, AZ

A Deeply Inspiring Workshop

“The Christ Consciousness intensive is a deeply inspiring workshop. It covers what really matters in our human experience. Michael Mirdad’s ability to connect pieces of information from many sources and historical times widens our vision and anchors our souls ‘purpose. This class helps us be here for the world, rather

–Helena, AZ

A Fabulous Deep Experience

“Having attended all of your Christ Consciousness workshops, all I can say is what a fabulous, deep experience! The melding of Biblical, Course in Miracles and other esoteric material with shamanic processes, meditation, conscious movement and psychodrama created a profoundly healing and enlightening journey. I was amazed how so many

–Carol, TX

Bringing the Light of God to the world

I have to say that Michael’s workshop on Christ Consciousness was incredible, and even that doesn’t begin to describe it. This class was so deep, it truly resonated with my soul. I especially loved the advanced tracking exercise and the use of writing as we connected to (or channeled) our

~Cheryl (Awakening Christ Consciousness 2021)

Go deeper into the Consciousness of Christ

This was such a fantastic class, Thank you MM for teaching and sharing all of this information to all who wish to learn more and go deeper into the consciousness of Christ. The more I learn and the deeper I go, the more I want to learn even more on

~MS, Sedona (Awakening Christ Consciousness 2021)

Powerful, profound and a joy

The Awakening Christ Consciousness 4 day intensive was powerful, profound and a joy to participate in. The four consecutive days went by quickly and I didn’t want it to end. I soaked it up like a sponge and wanted more! I had the feeling I should take this class. The

~MS (Awakening Christ Consciousness 2021)