July Monthly Message from Michael Mirdad

July 1, 2024

Happy July to you all! Happy summer and happy Independence Day to you as well. This is a time of feeling expansion, growth, fruition, and freedom–even though the egoic world would try to keep us from feeling such richness.

The world is a reflection of our own thoughts and beliefs, which means it’s up to us and our commitment to maintaining a connection to God that assures us of experiencing the best life (and summer) possible. Again, if we center into God and channel Spirit through a healthy self, we can count on the best month, year, and life possible. But following this creative flow has to be made into our first priority. Otherwise, when we allow the ego to overtly or covertly sneak back into controlling our life, we can expect our old patterns of lack, limitation, and unhealthiness to continue or to return.

What all of this means, in part, is that we are not victims of this world, but we will appear as such if we don’t step up and make different choices–beginning with deciding who we really are and therefore what we deserve to experience. And each time we make healthier choices, particularly in learning to become the Presence of God in this world, we are certain to see a better world reflected back to us. However, sometimes it takes time to see the fruits of this commitment. So, remain faithful and patient. And each time you see one of these positive reflections–no matter how seemingly small–be sure to own it, breathe it in, and give thanks for it. This is one of the best ways to assure more goodness will soon follow.

Love & Light, Michael Mirdad