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Join hundreds of souls fully dedicated to stepping into the actual experience of RESURRECTION!

It has been fifty years since Helen Schucman heard the words “This is a Course In Miracles, please take notes.” Millions of people have read, studied and discussed this earth shattering transmission, but how many have actually awakened to their own resurrection?

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. April 14-16 2017, EASTER WEEKEND, you will sing, dance and celebrate your way into freedom. Join your favorite ACIM teachers for the experience of a lifetime. Our goal is to EXPERIENCE Jesus’ earth-shattering message firsthand, and watch the world dissolve into Light.

Join us at the beautiful Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah, set in the magnificent Wasatch and Uinta Mountains just 45 minutes east of Salt Lake City International Airport. The event registration includes access to the entire weekend of events including the Friday night kick-off celebration, access to all 11 speakers presentations, the Saturday Night Spiritual Movie Portal, and the Sunday Easter celebration you won’t want to miss! Registration does not include lodging, meals, or the pre/post conference speaker sessions.

This is a celebration! Our intention is to open the door and walk through, hand in hand!

Join us for the biggest ACIM gathering of 2017.

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A Powerful Reminder

Today’s message was a powerful reminder of who we are…the I AM presence. It’s not enough to say I am this or I am that. We need to identify with I AM in order to let go of all that has been created by the beliefs that we are not.

In truth, I see the world based on the choices I make… To see from I AM, or to see from I am NOT. The world manifests as a reflection of me. When I see the world from I AM, I see the indescribable beauty of everything as a precious gift to me and for me. My relationships are harmonious, my health is vibrant, my work is rewarding, and I am abundant.

I focus on what’s real, and forgive myself for of all of the judgements that are not real, that don’t even exist, and I find my life unfolding in alignment with Love, Peace, Joy, and Abundance.

We are here to bring Heaven to Earth and we do that by remembering who we are and using the creative power of I AM to bring it into being.