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This is not a workshop about forgiveness. It certainly teaches about this topic but more importantly, it takes you through the process of forgiveness. Attendees will come to understand and experience what forgiveness truly is and is not. You will come to know that love is who you are, and that forgiveness is what love does. You will become far more the embodiment of love and forgiveness—which is our most important purpose on earth. The act of forgiveness will now become far easier to accomplish. This process first helps us to become better people. Then it leads us into a complete remembrance of our divinity.

Sunday, September 24th ~ 1:00pm-4:00pm ~ $40.00 Unity on the River

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“Michael gave us some of the most practical information we have ever heard from our program speakers. He brought the Edgar Cayce readings into focus in a way we could immediately put into practice. The Told Coast Team is looking forward to a repeat visit.”

Ron Feldheim, Southeast Region Retreat Coordinator

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