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Michael Mirdad, Spiritual Teacher, Healer & AuthorEvent: Sunday Services at Unity of Sedona with Michael Mirdad
Time: 9:30am and 12:00pm services

Michael Mirdad, the spiritual leader at Unity of Sedona, is a gifted spiritual teacher and is respected as one of the finest and most diverse healers of our time.

Although there is typically a themed message for each Sunday service, what Michael offers varies tremendously and is shared as a deep, spontaneous, and inspired experience. He teaches on the disciplines of Christ and Buddha and nearly all thought-systems and yet also on the subtleties of healing, metaphysics, and relationships. His lectures, church services, and workshops have been referred to as “miraculous experiences” (rather than mere events) by attendees. Audience members are frequently moved to tears yet often find themselves laughing from his delightful humor. Michael’s audiences often experience deep emotional healing, as well as commonly seeing angels and beings of light. One thing is certain: During our Sunday services, Michael is channeling God’s love in a most unique way.

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Becoming a Better Healer

Michael, I want to thank you for the person that you are. With the love in your heart, your wisdom, and your light you have helped me to open myself up to “more” light and also my heart center. I would like to tell you that I find that my work has changed a bit. I am now moving more slowly into my approach to the body. I feel my energy shifting in all regards and that I am more open to spirit and in connecting with the person on my healing table. In the last week, two people have had great shifts and releasing. They both actually had emotional releases even after my session with them, crying hysterically. Well I wanted to run back in the room and comfort them, but I just felt that it was best to let them have that time for themselves. Of course, I wasn’t far away and they knew that. I am becoming clearer and clearer. I help others to heal, and much of what they need to heal is what I have already experienced or am experiencing. I just want to say again, Thank You for Who You Are…

Deborah FL