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This is an advanced training for students and teachers of Christ Consciousness. The workshop covers advanced teachings and spiritual concepts, as well as profound levels of application. Learn to clear your centers of consciousness and live a life that reflects your higher self in mind, body, and soul. This workshop also covers the following: Initiations into Christ Consciousness through rarely understood “mystery teachings€ of Jesus-some of which were transferred to Mary Magdalene, clearing your various energy centers, the secret teachings of Christ, Jesus’s €œmissing years€ amongst the Essenes and the €œMystery Temples,€ and experiencing your own spiritual baptism.

  • Learn how to clear and spiritualize your various energy centers.
  • Learn about the many lifetimes throughout history of the soul known as Jesus.
  • Learn about the unknown life of Jesus and his €missing years amongst the Essenes and the Mystery Temples.
  • Learn what role Jesus plays for Earth’€™s evolution in the next few years.
  • Learn what Jesus did to become Christed and what it takes for you to reach Christ Consciousness.
  • Learn which modern teachings, teachers and books are clearer channels of Christ Consciousness.


  • Intensive tuition includes mid-day meals and snacks, but does not include lodging.
  • All deposits, fees and donations are non-refundable.
  • To register by phone, call (360) 671-8349.
  • For questions or comments please contact us by email.

Space is limited!  To hold your space, register with full payment or a 4 monthly payments of $300 now:


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A Change of Heart

In May of 2006 I was exhibiting all the symptoms of heart failure. It came on very suddenly and I went through a lot of testing (i.e. CT scans, X rays, full body ultra sounds and an echocardiogram). They found that I have a valve in my heart that does not close all the way but they wanted to recheck it. After my private session with you I have not had any return of symptoms. The reason I’m telling you this now is because after I had an EKG and some other evaluative testing, he said he could find almost no trace of my valve issue. He also said if he didn’t have it documented through the echocardiogram he would not have ever known I had an issue and said my heart is in excellent health and I do not have to worry about it anymore! I also told him my panic attacks have gone away too. Then he noticed my weight loss and asked me what was going on with me. I told him it was a spiritual experience, he smiled and said you’re doing great . . . keep it up! What’s happening to me is so beautiful and I’m so appreciative. Last week I sent you a note with a generous tithe.

Jennifer OR

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