Birth of the Inner Christ

It’s during this time of year that nearly one-third of Earth’s population celebrates Christmas. This celebration focuses on the birth of Christ, or more accurately, the birth of the baby Jesus–who became the Christ What most people don’t realize is that Christmas is not merely to commemorate the birth of [...]

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Five Important Lessons on the Spiritual Path

After nearly forty years of teaching and counseling, I have heard and seen many variations of what troubles people and the best recommendations I could offer them. But, within all of this feedback and advice, there are clearly some consistent issues and solutions—some of which are distilled down to [...]

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Truth Will Set You Free

When we say, “This is my truth,” what exactly are we referring to? If you have your truth and I have mine, then it means that there are two truths or, more accurately, seven billion truths on planet Earth. No wonder we can’t get along or agree on anything. And no wonder why Jesus explained, “Where [...]

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Purpose to Life’s Tests

There are seven major initiations (tests) that all human beings experience on their journey towards wholeness. These tests are placed in our path by us, not God, for our soul's growth. These tests do not occur only once, but instead recycle around and around, bringing us to [...]

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Jesus Loves the Little Children

Those of you who have been students of mine for many years, might recall me sharing this story once before. And, for various reasons, it feels like a good time to share it again. One of those reasons is because, although I love teaching the numerous topics needed for mankind’s [...]

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The True Story of the Divine Feminine

Among the ancient Gnostic teachings, there is a term or name that is surrounded by some of the deepest teachings in all of mysticism—the story of Sophia. There is an entire mythology around “Sophia,” which teaches us about the journey of our soul. The Archetype of Sophia and the [...]

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Relationships: WTF?!

As most of us know, relationships are one of the most strained and common topics in the world. Relationships are addressed in books, websites, seminars, workshops, movies, and television shows. People are consistently talking about relationship challenges, endings of relationships, or their search for their “soul-mate.” It doesn’t seem [...]

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Live Fully or You Are Not Fully Alive!

Do you ever get tired of hearing people talking the spiritual talk but not living it—fully? I’m not just referring to the usual problem of people not “walking their talk.” I am referring to those who only live their spirituality in their head. Of course it’s wonderful that they [...]

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Practicing Forgiveness

As you know, everyone is talking about the future of our country and our economy. My reply is to say, “Are you doing so well with today that you should be focused on the future?” Whether we are discussing today or tomorrow, the answer is always the [...]

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No matter how far along you are on your spiritual path, you might still have those days when you are not sure if the “guidance” that you receive is real, accurate and for your “higher good”. Guidance comes to us in various forms but we all develop [...]

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