I have said many times (as did many masters), that despite living in a world that tells us we are insignificant, limited beings, we are actually divine beings made in the image of God. And although this might seem like a challenging thing to understand and accept, one of the best ways to do so is to prove it. One of the wisest things Buddha ever taught was that we need not believe things just because we are told. Instead, we should put things to the test and prove it. Proving such a thing is not to be done out of the “arrogance of the ego” but rather is done out of expressing the “Will of God.”

Prove That You Need Nothing of This World

One of the best ways to prove we are of God, and not of this world, is to prove that we are not attached to the things of this world. Jesus taught, “If people ask for your coat, give them your shirt as well”—to prove to them you are not attached to things and that none of us need to be attached to things.

Proving That There Is No Death

When Jesus died on the cross, he did it to prove that by resurrecting, there was no such thing/power as death. This also meant that the sin and karma that cause us to die—are also not real. One of the primary principles of the ancient metaphysical practice of Spiritualism is to prove there is no death. They do this by introducing people to departed spirits, which then leads them to believing in the Great Spirit.

We are not asked to literally prove that we are immortal by putting ourselves in harm’s way. We are merely asked to prove to ourselves and others that even when we go through life’s tests and challenges—difficult times that often make us feel like we’ve died—we will not die (emotionally) but rather, will resurrect and come back to life—allowing nothing of this world to have such power over us.

In My Own Life

There are numerous things I have proven/confirmed or at least did my best to prove:

  • People can have spiritual children and raise them spiritually.
  • Men can work collaboratively and not follow the stereotypes of being controlling.
  • People can do nice deeds without having an agenda or wanting something in return.
  • Diet doesn’t matter.
  • Most of the laws of this world can be overcome by applying mastery consciousness.
  • We do not need to be college grads to succeed, nor do we have to be intellectually trained to know all that we need to know.
  • We can give and still have plenty.
  • We do not have to have a limited amount of energy or vitality.
  • We can work with people on sexual issues and not take advantage.
  • We do not have to go through everything in life to understand what others are going through.
  • We can channel infinite knowledge when we are connected to Spirit.
  • We can work with physically and emotionally sick people nobody else would work with—to prove they are loved and of value.
  • We can walk through fears and threats to prove we can’t let fear control us.
  • We can charge celebrities and wealthy people the same amount as an average person to prove that not everyone is out for their money.

Walk the Talk

So what can YOU do to prove to others that there is a God and there is a reason to be hopeful?

  • Prove you are a good friend.
  • Prove that you are forgiving.
  • Prove that petty stuff doesn’t matter.
  • Prove that you are generous.
  • Prove that you are not attached to material things and outcomes.
  • Prove that you believe in abundance by tithing.
  • Prove that people have value by doing random acts of kindness for them.
  • Be the police officer who proves that you can give out more warnings than tickets.
  • Be the healthy eater who doesn’t criticize other people’s eating habits.
  • Be the rock star who doesn’t sleep with everyone.
  • Be the athlete who isn’t on steroids.
  • Be the role model who lives up to it.
  • Be the living proof that people can be good in every way possible.
  • Be the parent who doesn’t take your unhealed issues out on your kids.

Prove it . . . Don’t Just Talk it!

If one of Jesus’ most important messages was to prove that this world is NOT real, it stands to reason one of our jobs here is to do the same. And to accomplish this is to prove that this world does not control us nor have power over us.

We are called on by God to “be the living proof” that there is more to life than most people currently know. It’s worth asking ourselves how we have proven to ourselves and/or others that this world is not our real home and that this place holds no power over us. Will others appreciate our demonstration that only Spirit matters? Not likely! But it is our job to do it anyway, because it’s one of the primary ways of not only preaching the message of God, but actually proving it by living it.

We are now entering a new era, a New Age, and in the New Age, people will know the Truth. But this will never come about without our learning to move beyond preaching and teaching. Instead we have to step up and prove that there is a God, that we are made in God’s Image, and that we can live a God (good) life—even while we are here on earth.